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On Monday 1st June the UK Parliament returns from recess for the summer sitting.
We want to give them a warm welcome and remind them of the heat they can expect if they continue to ignore climate change.

The Coal caravan has arrived in West Yorkshire! AND daily blog

The coal caravan is now in West Yorkshire and has visited Fairburn Ings which is threatened with open casting and Ferrbybridge power station which will burn the coal.

The Coal Caravan reaches Ferrybridge

Arrest @ CRITICAL MASS in Elephant and Castle in London - ACAB

One person was arrested after the mass today... the cops surrounded us in elephant, started being aggressive and arrested one person...

We were just arriving in elephant and castle and the coppers sent at least 4 police cars to welcome us at the elephant roundabout.

Coal caravan coming very soon - route info & how to book if you are coming - & phone number

24 April-4 May 2009

Hello !

**Now we're enroute, contact us by phone if you are planning to join us and want to get in touch then please call 07729575582**

Climate Camp in the City, Critical Mass & the G20 Meltdown Bank of England plus other protests from this week - updated

The urban Climate Camp at Bishopsgate by the European Climate Exchange has been reported to have over 2000 people and 150 tents, and has been described as a hugely impressive infrastructure.

April 1st 2009 - Fossil Fools' Day goes global

Today saw not only mass protests in London ahead of the G20 summit, but local demonstrations in cities around the UK and across the globe. Under the banner of Fossil Fools Day, activists held protests at banks, energy companies and power stations across the UK, the USA, Canada and South Africa to highlight the twin economic and climate crises.

Callout for organising! Scottish Camp for Climate Action

Building a more sustainable future in four easy steps:
1. Get out your diary and find a pen
2. Open it at the pages for the 4-16 June and 3-10 August
3. Write in very large, bold lettering: CLIMATE CAMP SCOTLAND across these dates