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help free young eco activist sentenced to 22 years 8 months in USA

Free/Jeff Luers


TODAY (5th Dec) is Jeff Luers's birthday, he will be 27, and he will be spending it in an American maximum security prison (pictured above) serving a sentence of 22 years and eight months.

People Needed to stop eviction, Dalkeith, Scotland - update & contacts


Dalkieth Country Park - only seven miles from Edinburgh city centre - is threatened by a road. Three tree protest camps have been set up in the park and eviction notices have been served by the Scottish Executive and local council. People are URGENTLY needed to stay at the site. See Indymedia Scotland for up-dates, more info' and pictures -

Bristol Critical Mass & Cambridge Action Against Climate Change - Sat 3rd!

Critical Mass climate day poster
Car eating Earth on cyclist

Saturday December 3rd, at noon, during the Winter Fair.

Part of the International day of action against climate change,

Air expansion fatcats shamed by Tower Bridge protest.

aviation conference critical mass


Air industry executives were forced to scuttle from coaches to the safety of Tower Bridge tonight, as a small but noisy protest took them to task over the UK's air expansion plans.

Eviction Hotline Available - Get on the Bus to Dalkeith Tree-Sit!


There is now an eviction notice hotline that will notify you if there is an eviction if you get in touch, and buses ready to go to Dalkeith as soon as the eviction happens!

The eviction notice still stands, but protesters are still determined to brave the cold to save the trees of Dalkeith Park from being cut. It is crucial that when the police arrive to evict the tree-sit (likely early in the morning) that people be there to provide support, witness any possible brutality by the police, and take note of any possible neglect of environmental regulations by tree-cutters. Since the eviction can happen anytime, it would be useful if you could e-mail your phone number and/or e-mail address to:

Climate Activists Disrupt International Aviation Conference

aviation conference banner


A team of radical environmental activists have this morning disrupted the world's largest aviation industry conference (1) to highlight that aviation is the fastest growing cause of climate change, ahead of a UN Climate Conference in Montreal later this week.

Air Transport - No Future! Tower Bridge Demonstration - 29th November

airfutures logo

From November 28th - 30th, over 300 airline executives from all over the world will gather in London to discuss how to expand the aviation industry. Meanwhile, aviation is now the fastest growing cause of climate change, and transport is the only area of energy use in which greenhouse emissions are increasing rather than falling.

Derby bus station protesters sit tight (& cold)

Derby Bus Station


Protestors who have spent a month on the roof of Derby's bus station have said the cold weather is not putting them off.

The environmental campaigners set up camp there last month, just before the site was boarded up.


Eviction Aruga!!
Dalkeith protest camp 4


TREES BEING FELLED IN DALKEITH NOW - People needed now, and people and food and tat needed over the next few days, especially climbers and midnight site builders

Ford Day of Intervention: November 12, 2005

Tell Ford to Get Serious About Breaking North America 's Addiction to Oil

Join us on Saturday November 12 and Intervene at Your Local Ford Dealer!

Jumpstart Ford logo

Halloween Critical Mass: Friday Nov 4th 6pm @ Pigeon Park, Birmingham

brum cm

This Friday, November 4th is time for Birmingham's regular Critical Mass on the first friday of the month, meeting up at 6pm in Pigeon Park. This month is a Halloween theme - gears not fears - so come and celebrate cycling using non-polluting vehicles and travel freely round town with Brum's Critical Mass.

Critical Massive, London report

London Critical Mass by Big Ben

The police tried to ban Critical Mass

We showed them who runs London
I am very proud of London right now.

The last Friday of every month fields Critical Mass, London’s weekly bike protest street party. We meet under Waterloo Bridge at 6pm, & ride at 7. At the last mass, end of September, after a week of protests against DSEI, the worlds biggest arms fair, held in the Docklands Excel centre, the police handed out letters explaining that because Critical Mass was an unlicensced protest, with no organiser & no official route, cyclists at the next Critical Mass would be facing arrest.

Heathrow's Third Runway challenged by villagers.

no 3rd runway 1

Picture a typical activist protest - DSEI, G8 or Critical Mass.
Blend in a movie with villagers, flaming torches and pitchforks.

Welcome to NOTRAG, No to the Third Runway Action Group,