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CAMP for CLIMATE ACTION organising weekend, Bristol 13/14th May

Climate camp poster

Big Bristol Meeting – Get involved!
Next weekend (Sat 13th & Sun 14th May) will be a big get-together to help plan the Summer Climate Camp. All welcome.

Climate Camp Notts Neighbourhood Planning Meeting, 16th May

Tuesday 16th May, at the Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone St, Forest Fields, Nottingham. For directions see

The Camp for Climate Action will be happening from 26th August till 4th September this summer. The government is failing and unable to take real action on climate change, and we can not sit back and see our planet go up in smoke!


Critical Mass penny farthing


After being threatened with arrest Southend-on-Sea (ESSEX) first critical mass came to a slightly premature end.
Come and help make Southends second critical mass bigger and better.

Critical Masses going strong in Newcastle


Today saw the latest of Tyneside's monthly critical masses which take place on the 1st Saturday of the month, meeting 12noon at Haymarket.

Another glorious hot day spent with new friends going round the city centre streets. We forgot flags and leaflets this time but created quite a spectacle anyway, with the occasional lone cyclist or rollerblader joining in spontaneously. The driver of 'Corporate Hospitality' coaches wasn't too happy though, hee hee.

Bournemouths first Critical Cycle Mass

There will be a critical mass starting at Lansdowne roundabout, Bournemouth, at 1pm, Saturday 27th May

Coming together on bicycles
is fun
celebrate clean air?
cycle for organic doughnuts
cycle for environmental justice

critical mass in newcastle 6th may

may critical mass in newcastle

the critical mass come back in newcastle, as the spring come back this year..
the 6th of may, at 12 at Hymarket

come to ejoy the ride and tell to your friends.

Chaos Mass: Mayday weekend in Manchester starts with bike ride


Mayday celebrations in Manchester began yesterday (Friday) with a Critical Mass. Numbers of cyclists had almost doubled from previous months.

Yet, the Mass alos turned out to be more chaotic than usual. 40-50 cyclists could not agree on how fast to go, whether to stop at red lights etc. In the beginning the tail of the ride got lost several times.

Southend’s first Critical Mass stopped by police.

Southend 1st Critical Mass 1

On the 14th of April, the first Critical Mass was held in Southend-on-Sea. About 30 people met around 6pm to have a fun cycle ride through the town. With colourful signs and messages stuck to their bikes (i.e. ‘We are not blocking the traffic, We ARE the traffic!’) and accompanied by a sound system playing reggae, the cyclists started riding with a peaceful and happy atmosphere. After about one and a half hours joyful riding the police finally decided to join us. One police car followed for about half an hour before they got supported by two other cars and a motorbike and stopped the ride for ‘obstructing the highway’. Unfortunately there were only 15 riders left by that time so the ride stopped for that day.

Birmingham Critical Mass Needs You!

Brum Critical Mass

Below is a picture of April's Critical Mass in Birmingham City Centre where cyclists and other users of non-polluting forms of transport meet up and reclaim some of the City's streets on the first Friday of every month.


Cambridge Critical Mass logo

There will be a Critical Mass bike ride around Cambridge on Saturday 29th of April. Meet on Parkers Piece, opposite the Fire Station @ 11am.