Newcastle community green festival FREE 7/8 june

The uk's largest free environmental event, Newcastle community green festival 7/8 june 12pm till 6pm(after parties across the city). Come to beautiful leases park right in the centre of Newcastle and enjoy two days of music, dance and green workshops.

M1 Conspiracy Case Thrown Out

Seven climate camp activists against the widening of the M1 (1) had the case against them dismissed from Sheffield Crown Court today (1.05.2008). Charged with conspiracy to cause a public nuisance Judge Robinson said that: "there was not a jot of evidence" for a jury to infer an endangerment of any member of the public.

London Critical Mass 14th Anniversary ride

London 14th anniversary Critical MassEarly in the ride police blocked the front at traffic lights and prevented movement, even when the lights were green.

Rath Lugh Direct Action Camp Evicted

Rath Lugh security guard in balaclavathursday 17th April
Eyewitness account of todays events at Rath Lugh

Arson series and communique (Athens Thessaloniki, Greece, 9/4/2008)

Greek cars"Arson series against four car agencies and a car expo with mostly Italian brands, as well as at the Greco-Italian School, from around 12:50 to 1:15 the midnight, damaging or totally destroying 35 cars by improvised incendiary devices set by unknown persons"

Solidarity with Tara in Ireland - trip reportback

A group of us from Brighton went over to Ireland recently to support the Irish protesters attempt, to halt the work on the M3 Motorway.

I Bike MCR Festival

I Bike MCR is a grassroots festival organised voluntarily by a group of cyclists in Manchester, UK that want to promote cycling and bike related activities no matter how crazy they seem, such as Bicycle Polo.

Newbury Bypass video archive (& other protest gems)

Nearly 3 hours of neatly collated video from the Newbury Bypass evictions in the winter of 1996.

Very last century, but good for inspiration...

There's also lots of stuff:
various environmental protests at
RTSs at

Fossil Fools Day action round up - fully updated

Pictures, more info on all these actions and updates at
Start planning your next action on the upcoming days of action on False Solutions (1st May), and Food (3rd June).
More details are below these brief reports:
Bacton FFD 1Activists Blockade Major Gas Terminal, Norfolk UK
Earth First! UK activists today blockaded the UK’s largest off shore gas terminal at Bacton in Norfolk. 40% of the UK’s domestic gas comes ashore here, is processed and distributed by pipeline. Activists blockaded the main road outside the site at 6.30 am this morning, preventing construction workers and shift workers from arriving. There were 19 Arrests.

London Critical Mass visits the Chinese Embassy on its March 2008 ride.

Despite wet and windy conditions more than 100 riders started, accompanied by about 20 police cyclists and the usual police van. Police have a habit of blocking the front of the ride at some intersections and traffic lights which tends to make it slower than otherwise and holds up traffic.

Activists "Mung Bean" 4x4s

22 March 2008
Activists in Edinburgh claim responsibility for 'disarming' ten 4x4s over the last two months, stating that they are fighting climate change.