Bardon Hit Again

Inspired by an action earlier this year we decided to hit Bardons quarry in Burto-on-trent. Bardon are part of a group responsible for the destrution of mountains at the Glensanda Quarry in Scotland. This is one of the largest quarrys in Europe and exports stone for road construction.

Spirit of Freedom (August 2008)


"The whole experience has been tough, but all the kind and strengthening words
and wise thoughts from strangers made it much easier!" (Former Swedish Animal Rights Prisoner)

Bicyclists Attack Failed Businesses With Seeds, Art

Parking lot stencilFriday, August 1st - "We don't need another parking lot" read one of over 30 stenciled cardboard signs erected Friday evening across the fences of various failed businesses throughout Santa Cruz by a group of bicyclists as part of a "Going Out of Business & Green Futures" community ride.

Sitting on piles of coal, revolting peasants, trashing things & fixing other things together, it's the latest EF! Action Update

EF! mine rest planets later logoSmelters smelted and woodchippers chipped, protestors around the world have been busy again taking action against the planet-trashers - read all about it in the latest quarterly EF! Action Update.

This EF!AU is jam packed with exciting actions, plus features on international resistance against coal in time for this year's Camp for Climate Action, a resurgence of anti-genetics campaigning, and proposals for a rolling blockade next year of Kingsnorth. You'll be inspired to Taste the Waste, Leave it in the Ground and who knows what else!

EarthFirst! gathering workshop call & travel info

summer gathering logo

at the Earth First! Summer Gathering
Ecological Direct Action without Compromise
27 Aug - 1 Sept 2008, Norfolk

Get in touch if you or your campaign/group/network would like to run a workshop or session at the gathering, especially if you can offer workshops on action training, direct action campaigns, ecology, ecological restoration and sustainable living.

Email us on summergathering _ AT _ or ring 01524 383012

Deadline 12 August!

We've already got lots of workshops confirmed. Join us for:

Cambridge Critical Mass Bike Ride

On Saturday 19 July more than twenty cyclists took to the streets of Cambridge in the evening, to regale in the joy of two-wheeled transportation. From the meetup point at the underpass of the Newmarket/East Road roundabout, the group covered some ten kilometres in a little over an hour. On the way we managed to pick up some random cyclists who decided to join forces with us.

32 SUVs disabled across Oxford

Up to 32 SUV owners awoke this morning to discover that their destructive vehicles had been disabled.

Save the Woodhead Tunnel demo

This year we have a unique opportunity to re-open the Woodhead rail line.

Join the Save the Woodhead Tunnel Campaign in demanding the Government hold to their promises on sustainable transport and climate change and re-open this historic and important line.

I-69 Protesters Shut Down Asphalt Yard Again, Arrestees Face Severe Repression

Fifteen I-69 opponents were arrested Monday morning (15/7/2008) blocking the entrance to Gohmann Asphalt, and need your support and solidarity. Many of them are being held on trumped up felony charges, and some of the female-bodied arrestees have been put in exceedingly unsafe situations.

Arsonist hit car dealership (Athens, 5/7/2008)

A fire erupted at 03:22, inside a car dealership, on Kalamakiou street, 97, at Alimos, wrecking 5 cars and damaging 14 others and also the building.