technologies of control

technologies of control (CCTV, ID cards, RFID tags, etc)

December's Greek round-up of bank, cash machine & Group 4-Wackenhut vehicle attacks

Arson at a bank's ATM (Athens, 24/12/2007)

Source (greek only-page bottom):,id=91228912

At 4:43 in the morning, the ATM of a Kyprou Bank subsidiary in central Athens, was set on fire. There was no responsibility claim.

No Christmas Cheer as Arms Giant Lockheed Gets Locked Out

Locked-heed Martin“We never forget who we’re murdering and spying for”. Cornerstone of the UK military-industrial complex / Orwellian state, US-based arms firm Lockheed Martin was targeted early on Thursday morning (13th December) at its central London HQ as activists from Trident Ploughshares and London Catholic Worker delivered a seasonal message to the company, locking workers out of the building for 45 minutes.

Last week's direct action news from Greece

direct action report 7-15 October

This blog is an attemp to cover, publicise and translate all known direct action news (mostly concerning Greece but also near countries as well), apart from the mass media mediation, providing an open database on sabotage-vandalism-rioting and other fine popular arts that blossom throughout the ruins of our post-industrial society. It came as a personal response to a wider need for all direct action to have its own proper spaces, in order to speak for itself, spaces available to anyone that cares. So, i am willing to publish all communiques and comments concerning the actions found here. There will not be published here actions claimed by any formal organisations or parties. These gentlemen can -at least- afford their own image-making. You are welcome to send your own reports to