technologies of control

technologies of control (CCTV, ID cards, RFID tags, etc)

Vandalism at subway station (Athens, 13/6/2008)

From reports at it seems that a group attacked Victoria's subway station, breaking down cameras and ticket checking machines, throwing leaflets and spray painting slogans against surveillance and control and in solidarity to the detained M. Tsourapas-Chr.Kontorevithakis. A nearby bank on Patission avenue was also attacked.

Direct Action Greece: 17th - 22nd May

Fence removal, AthensAppelate Court's expansion works sabotaged with fire (ATHENS)
Attack against the municipal police of Ilioupoli (ATHENS)
Bank firebombed (LOANNINA)
University rectors elections sabotaged (ATHENS-PIRAEUS)
Surveillance cameras destroyed during squaters solidarity march (ATHENS)

Fitwatch - Tactics Sharing Gathering - 26th April 2008 - 12:30

Room H216
London School of Economics
Connaught House,

What is Fitwatch?
We are tackling the use of police Forward Intelligence Teams on protests. We get in the way of cameras, take photos and gather information on officers, and are starting to reclaim our demonstrations from the police.

Do you want to Fitwatch?

We Are Bad – Bronze Graffiti

We are Bad CCTV plaqueRecognising the high art status of graffiti the We Are Bad Collective have had the letters cut from their stencils cast in Bronze. These Bronze Graffiti plaques reading, “WE ARE BAD – PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON US”, have been cast with polished text on a green Patina background.

5 years of war! Stop the Nanotech and Biotech War Profiteers!

Click here to join the action, join us on March 19th, 2008.

This Nano-Virtual-Sit-In is being performed on the 5th anniversary of the war on Iraq. We have chosen biotech and nanotech corporations and organizations as our targets, because their science is driven by the war and drives the war.

How to Fitwatch

Fitwatch meeting - Saturday 8th March at the LSE (Connaught House, Aldwych) at 2pm. Room H103.

Fitwatch has proved to be a highly effective tactic against surveillance by public order police.

Although really, it is better described as a range of tactics. Some are as simple as taking a picture, or making a note of police numbers. Other tactics are more confrontational and actively prevent the police accumulating the data they use for their 'preventative' public order policing. There is a tactic for everyone, and all of them are very effective.

Latest details: Earth First! Winter Moot 2008 - February 22nd – 24th 2008 - Nottingham

EF! fist tree 1Join us for
Activist skill share
Planning radical action on climate change,
Sharing ideas for the Earth First! Summer Gathering
Opposition to the UK genetic crop trials and mega-dams in Iceland
a chance to share info on your own campaign

Arrive from 5pm, Friday February 22nd 2008, with dinner at 7 o'clock.
Open to all those who have been involved in radical ecological direct action and to those who just want to find out more.

Athens: Police surveillance camera deactivated

CCTV painted with brush on a pole
Decommissioning CCTV camera
Athens, 13 February 2008

Yet another police surveillance camera was put out of use today during a large demonstration against pension reform and the rest of the Greek government's neoliberal policies.

One activist climbed on a ladder and painted the camera lens using an extension, while others unscrewed a compartment at its base, cut the wires and filled it with foam that solidified soon thereafter. Leaflets against surveillance and repression by the state were handed out.