technologies of control

technologies of control (CCTV, ID cards, RFID tags, etc)

Mass Tribal Uprising in West Bengal

November 18, 2008

What we are witnessing in the tribal belt of West Bengal is [an] historical moment. A long oppressed people have risen up and are daring to confront their oppressors and question the logic of “development” that destroys their lives and livelihoods.”

Remember remember, action security in November... [update: Observer article withdrawn]

Remember to think about security when planning actions & campaigns, every month - there's been a helpful reminder in a Sunday newspaper that our aims and the aims of the state are somewhat different!

Though the article can be taken to be a police unit safeguarding their ongoing budgets and employment - as has happened in the past with similar scare articles (from the police & the security services) - it's also a handy reminder of the security issues we should think about to ensure that our campaigning remains effective. Check out the background dirt on the journos below...

Bath Bomb #15 out now

The Bath Bomb
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Issue #15
Oct 08

Knowledge is Power, So Arm Yourself

Bath Bomb 14 hits the streets

Bath Bomb logoAnother issue of Bath's should-be award winning grassroots publication...

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The Bath Bomb
Issue #14
"All the news the Chron didn't Use!"


Sept ‘08

Reds, Shite And Booze

Spirit of Freedom (August 2008)


"The whole experience has been tough, but all the kind and strengthening words
and wise thoughts from strangers made it much easier!" (Former Swedish Animal Rights Prisoner)

Sitting on piles of coal, revolting peasants, trashing things & fixing other things together, it's the latest EF! Action Update

EF! mine rest planets later logoSmelters smelted and woodchippers chipped, protestors around the world have been busy again taking action against the planet-trashers - read all about it in the latest quarterly EF! Action Update.

This EF!AU is jam packed with exciting actions, plus features on international resistance against coal in time for this year's Camp for Climate Action, a resurgence of anti-genetics campaigning, and proposals for a rolling blockade next year of Kingsnorth. You'll be inspired to Taste the Waste, Leave it in the Ground and who knows what else!

EarthFirst! gathering workshop call & travel info

summer gathering logo

at the Earth First! Summer Gathering
Ecological Direct Action without Compromise
27 Aug - 1 Sept 2008, Norfolk

Get in touch if you or your campaign/group/network would like to run a workshop or session at the gathering, especially if you can offer workshops on action training, direct action campaigns, ecology, ecological restoration and sustainable living.

Email us on summergathering _ AT _ or ring 01524 383012

Deadline 12 August!

We've already got lots of workshops confirmed. Join us for:

Phones and privacy at the camp for climate action.

Traditionally it has been the content of communication that has been the focus of government surveillance but the police are increasingly interested in data mining techniques to uncover patterns of association. Simple data, when stored, aggregated and analyzed using sophisticated computer algorithms, contains far more information than is commonly appreciated.

FIT at menwith hill

Food, music, fun and FIT, Menwith Hill, 4th July Independence from America Day

Another well attended demo at Menwith, with blazing sun, music, food and increased levels of surveillance.