technologies of control

technologies of control (CCTV, ID cards, RFID tags, etc)

G20 update - police violence; what happened b4 Ian Tomlinson's death witnesses; vigil on 11th; legal support; protest tactics

Channel 4 commentary on what happened to Ian Tomlinson just before his death - the latest ITN footage combined with the first footage published on the Guardian website. On the ground, protestors try to help before being cleared out of the area - counter the media-bottle-throwing hype, watch two eye witnesses.

New incident of systemic police violence - when an officer slaps the face then batons the legs of a woman - captured on film.

Even newer video evidence of yet more police violence - shields and fists used to punch without provocation - more details.

Newest footage which shows Ian Tomlinson's head hit the ground from the push by police.

Police charge press photographers.

Collections of videos of police violence: 1 | 2

ELF Mexico Torch Earth Destroying Machines, Yet Again

"Today [March 23rd] the Guadalajara, Jalisco sky was illuminated by the abolitionist fire of the Frente de Liberación de la Tierra (FLT/ELF) when we decided to break the social order imposed by the techno-industrial civilization; on the night of March 22 a machine that destroys the earth was reduced to ashes and a big stone broke the window of a bank.

Photographers turn out in solidarity against new "terror law".

Reposted: 16.02.2009: everyone knows Indymedia's a copper's favourite read, but after a couple of hundred snappers turned up outside the yard this morning they'll be queuing up today to see whose mug's on the wire.

Stop Incineration Now! SchNEWS Film and Roast Fundraiser !

Stop Incineration Now Film and Roast Fundraiser -
Just released:SchNEWS Film:Wasters:The quirky & inspiring story of a group of climate activists from Stop Incineration Now! & Climate Camp, who occupied the site of proposed Newhaven Incinerator last year, July 2008.
Also featured:The Story of Stuff.
Announcement of International Day of Action against Incineration: 11 July 2009

15 years on - Solsbury Hill anti-road resistance photo exhibition, book launch and on-line archive

Solsbury Hill near Bath was the setting for an early '90s battle against road building (and by extension depending who you talked to from the campaign - unsustainable development/romans/global warming/industrial infrastructural growth/spectacular society/babylon/illogical transport policy/the tories/civilisation.)

Day 7 of the revolt in Greece

Following the police shooting of a 15 year old anarchist, riots, protests & vigils continue throughout Greece, with worldwide solidarity protests taking place. Latest report below (click Read more). For much more info and all the latest, see