technologies of control

technologies of control (CCTV, ID cards, RFID tags, etc)

courts attacked in bristol

Last night the magistrates court next to the bus station in the middle of bristol was attacked. all the reachable windows were smashed out and spray paint messages left on the walls "fuck the law not the poor!"

Rapid Technology Transfer Group to take over the Earth Centre

A campaign has been running to reclaim the earth centre in doncaster as a community skill share centre. It has come to light that the local council and a conglomorate of many multinationals has been planning a take over. They deal in chemicals, construction, nuclear, engineering, audiovisual, 3D tech, aerospace, defense and a whole lot more.

Edo Decommissioner defendants arrested at Target Brimar demonstration

Saturday 17th October 2009

This afternoon, around 70 people gathered in Chadderton, Greater Manchester at the launch demonstration of the Target Brimar campaign.

Citizen weapons inspectors visit Manchester factory

Target Brimar campaign press release
Monday 5th October 08:00
- for immediate release

Citizen Weapons Inspectors visit Manchester Factory

Target Brimar: against the military-industrial complex

Brimar is a Manchester-based company which makes components which form a vital part of the Apache helicopters used by the Israeli military in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon, by the US Marines in Iraq and by British and US militaries in Afghanistan.

Mexico: Telmex van torched by Luddites and the ALF

During the early morning hours of April 23, in a municipality in the State of Mexico, the Luddites Against the Domestication of Wild Nature and the Frente de Liberación Animal joined together in an action, deciding to step up the fight against the biocidal company Telmex.