technologies of control

technologies of control (CCTV, ID cards, RFID tags, etc)

Earth First! Winter Moot 7-9 March 2014: programme up

A weekend gathering for people involved or want to know more about ecological direct action around the UK including fighting opencast coal, fracking, GM, nuclear power, new road building and quarries with discussions and campaign planning - emphasis on the tactics and strategies, community solidarity and sustainable activism.

Bombing against Bristol office of Vinci, Life Sciences Centre constructors

We think that anyone serious about confronting domination as it stands today will sooner or later come to the questions of science and technology. It's clear how both have an increasingly vital role to the ruling order by creating, managing and spreading control within society and over the rest of an earth we're falsely separated from.


EARTH FIRST! SUMMER GATHERING 2013 website all information is now up at

Gathering Dates 7th-11th August,

Location - SE England (nearest station Bexhill)

attack on bristol security firm

No peace for the defenders of commodity-society. Their security = a joke once again. Our latest target was Avon and Somerset Guarding, on Fishponds Rd, we broke half the storefront glass and attacked the CCTV camera, leaving an anarchy symbol tagged on the scene. Enough uniformed bastards in our lives, let's trash the control apparatus.

Anarchists Killed Nanotech Scientist in “Feral Defense of Wild Nature”

10 March 2013

[eds. note: the following article is from a pro business, military and defense journal]  by Business Insider Military and Defense

Anti-Surveillance Activists Begin Game to Destroy CCTV Cameras in Germany

The watchful eye of the German surveillance state may need something of a patch soon as a radical group of activists have launched a campaign to destroy as many CCTV surveillance cameras as possible ahead of the 19 February European Police Congress in Berlin.

arson attack on company who put cctv in schools

last night fire erupted in the tranquillity of bristols well-to-do redland area, targeting a marked vehicle of Standfast Ltd.