squatting / free spaces / protest sites

squatting / free spaces / protest sites

Big turnout for Halloween critical mass, Bristol

28th Oct 2005

Around 200 cyclists and others answered the callout for a Halloween ride in Bristol on Friday night (see http://earthfirst.org.uk/actionreports/?q=node/80). The ride was held in solidarity with the reported clampdown on the 12 year-old monthly London critical mass ride, and to celebrate the sustainable culture & economics of cycling. The callout was issued by an ad hoc collection of individuals involved in peace, transport, climate change and anti-capitalist campaigns. You can read a report on the massive London ride, of upto 2000 riders & others, including mobile samba band, on the UK Indymedia front page here http://www.indymedia.org.uk/

Breaking news from the Jericho 'Save the boatyard Campaign'

Oxford boatyard court demo

Our court case has been adjourned until such time as a judge can rule on our call for an adjournment for judicial review on grounds of British Waterways (BW) breaching our article 8 rights of the 1998 European human rights acts, by closing the boatyard. So we have now a stay of execution and an opportunity to adress BW policy on this matter. This is cutting new ground as a body of precident has yet to be set on the use of the human rights act, in fact The house of Lords have a tabled motion to debate whether citizens can use the act to defend against eviction. The high court does not currently concur but the european court does, the court of appeals has ruled in favour backing up the european court so the House of Lords must decide. The cases involved have revolved around the gypsy issue.

Bankfield community centre, Liverpool sit-in against closure

Sep 26 2005

'Just try to move us out'

CAMPAIGNERS have mounted a sit-in to save a community centre threatened with the axe.

Liverpool's Church of England leaders claim Garston's Bankfield House is unsafe.


Save Dale Farm banner



I'm asking everyone who can to come to Dale Farm and help us stop Basildon council bulldozing plots on Monday morning (1 August).

First lock on in Icelandic history

Iceland Blockade 1

On Tuesday 19th July 2005.a group of approximately 20 of us hiked to the main junction approaching the site. Four of our group locked on to a pick up truck and a HUGE caterpillar construction vehicle. We managed to block 2 other access roads and hault work on the site for three hours. This was a first in Icelandic history:the police had to make up a word for “lock-on�. Thirteen of us were “detained�, apparently “arrested�, and later released without charge....with the warning that Impregilo were “looking at this incident with grave eyes� and were likely to make a civil case. Impregilo have since changed their mind. For a change, the media did report that the protesters were “friendly�!

Critical Mass to return to Southampton

Critical Mass graphic 2


In solidarity with protests around the world coinciding with the G8 conference in Scotland, Southampton activists are calling out for a return of critical mass to Southampton

Rural Convergence Update


The rural convergence space will be a large self-managed outdoor space near Gleneagles: a space for all who aspire to radical decentralized alternatives to capital, power and ecological collapse. A place to meet, chat, eat, sleep, organise, and more.

nine ladies no real victory - The real news direct from the nine ladies collective.


9 Ladies stone circle

today we finally received the high court verdict regarding the classification of the quarries at lees cross and endcliffe. the quarries are now (or still) officially dormant. This means that the quarries cannot re open until the peak park have agreed a set of working conditions for them. Stancliffe Stone still have the permission to quarry from 1952, and the peak park still have the power to revoke the permission, or to impose such restrictions that the re opening of the quarries would be financially unviable. Our protest site must and will continue to exist in order to protect our beautiful hillside (in the second most visited national park on the planet), as it is still quite possible that this awesome natural heritage of ours could be destroyed. Please dont let the media convince you that this is a victory on our behalf. Please send your comments on the proposals to re-open Lees Cross and Endcliffe quarries to The Peak Distric National Park Planning Authority and Lord Edward Manners of 'Haddon Hall' (who owns the land) or come and visit our protest community. Thank you (and a happy nearly-solstice) from the 9-ladies collective! x x x

Cre8 Summit has begun!

Cre8 Garden 6


On Sunday the 12th of June the Cre8 Summit began. An inspiring local project set up in response both to the approved building of the new M74 northern extension and the G8 summit to be held in July 2005.

Activists Block Nuke Dockyard Gate For Three Hours, Plymouth

Devonport Camp 2005
On Friday 20 May, anti-nuclear weapons campaigners successfully blockaded Albert Gate leading in to Devonport Dockyard. The blockade, organised by the Plymouth-based Trident Ploughshares, lasted for three hours. The action follows a week of high-visibility peace protest presence on Drake’s Island which concluded with a move to Devil’s Point on the Plymouth mainland, where a larger camp was established earlier in the week.

Update on Drake’s Island Occupation

Trident Drake's Island 2

19th May 2005

Devonport Camp 2005
During the day, Drake’s Island has been evacuated and the camp has been transferred to Devil’s Point on the Plymouth shore, which is situated just across from the island. About 30 people are currently camping in an old water reservoir, which is now dry, which was squatted under the noses of a vanful of police officers who were lurking around the car park close to the site. The site is nice with good disabled access and moved lawns, banners are in place as well as toilets, a kitchen, a registration tent and a bigger meeting tent.

Anti-nuclear activists declare Drake's Island nuclear free state

Trident Drake's Island 1


On Friday 13th May in a force 7 wind, a group of 12; including Trident Ploughshares pledgers with the invaluable assistance of Greenpeace sailors; landed on the jetty of Drake's Island and claimed squatters rights to this rocky territory which is directly opposite Plymouth Hoe.

Bringing the climate message home: an account of London Rising Tide's treesit at BP HQ, April 26-29th 2005

BP HQ treesit


Very early on April 26th 2005, eight concerned squirrels nipped over the gates of the park in the centre of St. James' Square, and scampered up two imposing London plane trees which happened to overlook the headquarters of one of the world's largest oil companies. (Actually, the phrase 'scampered up' doesn't do justice to the way they threw a rope over a strong branch, climbed up it and into their tree while wearing seriously loaded-down backpacks. It also doesn't do justice to the way one brave member of their group had to climb a smaller tree in between the two planes to free the banner rope, without which their action would have been completely stripped of meaning. She also deserves being mentioned in dispatches for the way she spoke convincingly to the police who clambered over the gates about twenty minutes later that the group was indeed carrying out a survey of the trees' insect population, as they had discovered from a document abandoned on the grass which attested to this fact.