squatting / free spaces / protest sites

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squatting / free spaces / protest sites

Church tries (& fails) to chuck out Bankfield occupiers, Liverpool

Bankfield 1

Dec 2 2005

'Sit-in 'fails' to save community centre'

A 10-WEEK sit-in to save a Liverpool community centre has failed after the Church of England ordered campaigners out within the week.

Eviction Hotline Available - Get on the Bus to Dalkeith Tree-Sit!


There is now an eviction notice hotline that will notify you if there is an eviction if you get in touch, and buses ready to go to Dalkeith as soon as the eviction happens!

The eviction notice still stands, but protesters are still determined to brave the cold to save the trees of Dalkeith Park from being cut. It is crucial that when the police arrive to evict the tree-sit (likely early in the morning) that people be there to provide support, witness any possible brutality by the police, and take note of any possible neglect of environmental regulations by tree-cutters. Since the eviction can happen anytime, it would be useful if you could e-mail your phone number and/or e-mail address to:

St Agnes Place Eviction

St Agnes town hall solidarity demo
Eviction Aruga!!


The eviction of St Agnes Place in Kennington (South London) by Lambeth Council started today in earnest. The oldest squatted street in London has been swarmed with riot police all day, as residents were resisting the bailiffs and specialist climbers were trying to empty the street of its community set up 30 years ago. Throughout the day there have also been reports of police stopping people on their way to show support to St Agnes Place community outside Oval, Kennington, Stockwell and Brixton tubes. Later in the evening there was a demonstration outside Lambeth Town Hall in Brixton.

St Agnes Place, London - aruga!! Eviction 29th November

St Agnes Place flier

The baliffs and police will be on the street tomorrow to start the evictions for demolition to commence. Please come along and show your support as early as you can (by 8am preferably). This eviction if successful will mean an end to 30 years of this multicultural community, and will leave 150 people homeless and facing winter conditions with nowhere to go.

Derby bus station protesters sit tight (& cold)

Derby Bus Station


Protestors who have spent a month on the roof of Derby's bus station have said the cold weather is not putting them off.

The environmental campaigners set up camp there last month, just before the site was boarded up.


Eviction Aruga!!
Dalkeith protest camp 4


TREES BEING FELLED IN DALKEITH NOW - People needed now, and people and food and tat needed over the next few days, especially climbers and midnight site builders

Earth First! International Winter Rendezvous in S. Florida (Feb '06)

*please help spread this message and get in touch if you can assist in translating it to any other languages*

EF! earth fist logo

Hey! y'all out there in the EF! network:

Rossport Solidarity Camp speaking tour dates

Here is a list of the dates and venues for the Rossport solidarity speaking tour

Thursday November 3rd 7.30pm the Basement, 24 Lever
Street, hosted by the Anarchist Federation.


George's X Chalkboard Social Centre opens in Glasgow

George's X Chalkboard

05 Nov 2005

The new Social Centre in Mary Hill, Glasgow. opened by the Glasgow Autonomous Project quietly a few weeks ago at the end of September. The George's X Chalkboard is open daily from 2-7 pm and just off the George's Cross Underground Station.

Halloween Critical Mass: Friday Nov 4th 6pm @ Pigeon Park, Birmingham

brum cm

This Friday, November 4th is time for Birmingham's regular Critical Mass on the first friday of the month, meeting up at 6pm in Pigeon Park. This month is a Halloween theme - gears not fears - so come and celebrate cycling using non-polluting vehicles and travel freely round town with Brum's Critical Mass.

Saorsa Open Day Pictures and Report, Glasgow

Saorsa mural
Saorsa cafe

30 Oct 2005

The Saorsa Open Day was a full success. The G42 Collective provided t-shirt printing facilities, film screenings, internet access, a rebel cafe and a friendly welcoming atmosphere on the first floor of 674 Pollockshaws Road in the south of Glasgow.

The Open Day officially launched the activities of the Social Centre, which came into existance in the summer to support the G8 counter mobilisation.
The name "Saorsa"means "freedom" in Scottish Gaelic and was spotted on the Glasgow Zapatista Mural, which has now taken the centre-stage of the main wall in the Social Centre.
Since the summer, G8 prisoner support meetings have taken place in the centre, as well as regular meetings of the Glasgow Zapatista Support Group and Glasgow Reshape.
With benefit gigs such as the Warehouse Party "Section 60" end of september, the centre funds most of its costs.
Now, the G42collective behind the centre plans to expand the opening times and facilites, such as a distributed library network, an infoshop and initiating a regular Sunday Social.

Radical Social Centres in the UK - new list

Social centres organise to create new worlds, new possibilities, real leisure and social alternatives to wage labour and centralised power. Although more established in countries like Italy and Spain, the concept of social centres as a political strategy is taking off all over the UK.

Camp Bling (Southend, Essex) Five weeks old!

Camp Bling entrance

Road protest site into its fifth week. Come down and help out, check out the website.

We are now working hard to consolidate our position on site, to make it as defendable as possible, and to

Protesters sit it out on Derby bus station roof


A roof top protest by environmental protesters is causing quite a stir in Derby, they have camped out on top of the soon to be demolished bus station roof and have been there for a week now, as part of a last ditch attempt to stop it being knocked down to make way for a £90 million Riverlights scheme. Protesters need help