squatting / free spaces / protest sites

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squatting / free spaces / protest sites

Solid Energy HQ Scaled and Banners Dropped, Aotearoa/New Zealand

Solid Energy HQ banner hang16 Feb 2006
Three Save Happy Valley Coalition activists unfurled banners while hanging 15 metres from the concrete facade of Solid Energy headquarters on Wednesday morning. The action was a solidarity protest with those people currently in Happy Valley occupying the proposed mine site since January 28th.

EVENTS @ THE SQUARE Occupied social/political centre // 21 Russell Square, London WC1H

Russell Square squat events flier

Dir: Located at the North East Side of Russell Square.
Transport by bus: 168, 68, 59, 253, 30, 73...
Transport by tube: RUssell Sq (2mins walk) Euston Station (5mins walk) Goodge

Tree Protest Camp established at Shepton Mallet, Somerset. People needed

A Tree Protest Camp has been established at Shepton Mallet in Somerset. Its aim is to protect 300 to 400 mature decsidious trees from being felled to make way for a new TESCO store. There is strong local support for the camp. People are needed to help out at the camp. A war memorial is also set to be relocated for the store.

Faslane Peace Camp : Call Out.

Camp now in it's 24th Year, and in dire need of a breath of life.

Call out for action at Faslane.
The camp has 2/3 full time residents at present, with limited visitors. Granted it's a quiet time of year. But the camp has been in decline for a few years now. Those of us who stay at the camp are trying everything we can to get it back on track.

~~~CAMP BLING~~~ call out for site crew

Camp Bling 1

Camp Bling (southend) essex is in need of more site crew
as we near road F5 cancellation OR eviction..

Check out:

London- New Occupied Social Centre!!

EX-SSEES Occupied Social/political Centre – 21 Russell Square, London WC1

//Closed Circuit City

Evermore spaces for students are being regulated by commercial interests, mediating so-called public and common space for the benefit of expanding markets and profits. Our ability to participate and interact on our terms, with our environment has been severely undermined. Leisure time becomes an extension of work, studying is quantified by our ability to assimilate and conform to uniformed timetables, common rooms are designated ‘financially not viable’, whilst the bars become corporate money-makers. But not just in universities, all around us, the enclosure of public spaces is ongoing and being resisted.

Tunnel system announced at ‘Camp Bling’ road protest site

Camp Bling Tunnel


The campaign against the controversial F5 dual carriageway scheme, proposed for the A127/A1159 Priory Crescent, took a dramatic new turn today with an extensive underground tunnel system being announced at the ‘Camp Bling’ protest site in Southend on Sea, Essex, in advance of a decision to be made on the road this Friday.

Four arrests on Tuesday at Dalkeith tree sit

23 Jan 2006

Four arrest have taken place before 1pm on Tuesday 24th Jan 2006
Three to four more people are holding out in the trees.

Suttongrad London squat eviction alert

Eviction Aruga!!


Sutton street eviction alert tomoorow wed morning 8.30 am onwards.

SUttongrad. No 2 -4 sutton street whitechapel.
Urgent eviction alert tomorrow morning. This is a request for all to come and gather in support either outside in the morning or come in earlier or later to come in.

Sunday & Monday Dalkeith update

Dalkeith Eviction 3

The tunnelers were evicted in Dalkeith park today on Sunday - the last tree-sit next!
Just got word that the tunnellers were evicted today in Dalkeith. Bottom site, the last remaining tree-sit, is still open but needs support - get out there now if you can!!! You can still go in the trees!

one week on Dalkeith anti-road eviction resistance still going strong

Eviction Aruga!!
Dalkeith Eviction 7

Monday morning sees the Dalkeith anti road protestors still occuppying the main protest site, with all the tree houses and tunnels intact. Spirits have been boosted by the many picnicers who visited the site on Saturday, showing their solidarity with the battle to stop the A68 by-pass being put through the beautiful park south of Edinburgh.

Parklife Occupy Government Office

Parklife 'Save Priory Park' campaign
Press Release Monday 23rd January 2006

Parklife press line 1 (inside the building)
07929 595 761
Parklife press line 2 (outside the building)
07929 595 766

34 broadway market on eviction red alert

Eviction Aruga!!

Dear Broadway Market supporters,

We are on red alert again!
An order of restitution has been issued by the High Court and the subsequent letter has been received by 34 Broadway Market occupiers to notify them of an imminent eviction. On Friday, sheriffs were seen checking the site. At a meeting with Dr and Mrs Wratten on Friday afternoon, spokespersons for the occupiers asked them whether they would be prepared to stop the eviction (which would be a simple step on their part) and they clearly refused.