squatting / free spaces / protest sites

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squatting / free spaces / protest sites

Firestation Eviction: Postponed due to Resistance

London fire station squat

On Friday, 31st March, Bailiffs turned up at 461 Westferry Road, a squatted Fire Station and home to about 25 people. The squat was locked and barricaded with about 25 people inside, but bailiffs, security men and police did have neither bolt cutters nor a locksmith. The 1-ft metal torch they brought did not impress and was generally of no use due to bright sunshine. One of the occupants was seen climbing up a 5-stories high metal tower in the yard of the firestation, thus proven unremovable.

Fire Station Squat in Docklands (London) eviction threat

Eviction Aruga!!


The Millway FireStation on the Isle of Dogs, Westferry Road 461, had been squatted since November last year, and it was shelter for 25 people.

Planning Mayday in Manchester

Manc Mayday 06 poster

People in Manchester are working towards a Mayday weekend full of fun and action. It all kicked off with an AMAZING Mayday fundraiser squat party on Saturday. To find out more and to get involved, come down to the Basement on Monday 27th March, 7pm.

Shepton Mallet Climbing Baliff firm based in Bristol

They can climb, but they can't hide!

During the Shepton Mallet Eviction, climbing baliffs were used to get a number of people down from the trees.

guerilla gardeners reclaim land to grow food in Manchester

Manchester guerrilla gardening 1
Manchester guerrilla gardening 2

we found a nice spot of disused land by princess parkway, next to some billboards (which we hoped the garden would detract attention away from) and cleared bags and bags of rubbish. Then we set to work planting trees, herbs, flowers and plants. It was mucho fun.


Shepton Mallet 2nd eviction

report 1:
Shepton Mallet anti-Tesco's protest site has just been evicted after a six hour tree top struggle.

Around fifty bailiffs backed by forty police arrived at 6am at the site. Unlike the last eviction this time protesters were determined to make a stand. Fifteen activists locked on in the trees and a net as bailiff climbers attempted to evict them.

Shepton Mallet 2nd eviction coming!!!!

Eviction Aruga!!


The second Shepton Mallet, anti tescos, anti corperations, pro trees protest site is still going strong! But the word about town is the eviction will take place if not Tuesday 14th then definatly Wednesday 15th. We need people!!!!!!!

Latest News on the Struggle Against Shell in Mayo, plus details of contractors

Rossport Solidarity Camp was re-opened on the 25th of February, on the shoreline near to the beachhead where the pipeline is proposed to hit land. Campers, Mayo residents, and travelling supporters, particularly from Cork Shell to Sea, came together for a day of building. A full report is here: http://www.indymedia.ie/article/74533


Month or work,actions and party planned. Visit, play,drink, cook and be happy.

Faslance Peace Camp a beautiful position in the landscape and ANTI-NUKE resistance has been going strength to strength since 1982 but now needs some TLC and life and laughter to RESIST some more.

Shepton Mallet Tesco Protest Day of Action

Shepton Mallet Day of Action 1

Let’s Go! - Alfresco Tesco Fiasco

Activists from the Shepton Mallet anti-Tescos protest site obstructed the felling of an ancient beech tree today, Saturday 4th March. Over 20 police were called in to secure the area.

New London infoshop now open

Square Infoshop flier

The infoshop in The Square social centre has been open for a week now. It is open Tuesday - Friday 12pm - 4pm, as well as at all the events happening at The Square social centre (see http://www.londonsocialcentre.org.uk for more info!).

Faslane Peace camp needs folk!!

Faslane Peace Camp is in desperate need of visitors and residents....

Faslane Peace Camp is entering it's 24th year of occupying land nearby to the Faslane Naval Base, home of UK's nuclear missile carrying subs...