South West England

South West England

Latest Updates from Protect the Wilderness & Reclaim the Fields

The Protect the Wilderness campaign attended a court hearing on Monday 5th brought by Gloucestershire County Council. This morning, the Judge gave possession to the council. An eviction is very likely in the immediate days.

Hinkley Point Barnstormers - Occupiers aim to stop EDF land trash - video and flyer

"This film gives an account of the first few days of the occupation of Langborough Farm on the site of one of the proposed 'new wave' of Nuclear Reactors, at Hinkley point in Somerset. The activists took occupancy in the early hours of Sunday the 12th of February and are settling in to their new home and community."

Hinkley Tree Protesters Evicted

8th Feb -

Protesters occupying trees at Hinkley Point in Somerset were evicted today by police and a 5-man climbing team hired by the French company EDF.   The mature oak woodland is due to be cleared this month so that preliminary work can begin on building 2 new nuclear reactors and a radioactive waste dump at the site.

Call from the Wilderness Forest of Dean Wilderness Centre

Statement from the Wilderness Centre : On the day of Gloucestershire County Council meeting that will determine the councils next course of action.

Call-out! Eco-education centre reopened, Forest of dean, help needed!

This is a call out for support.

Last night the Forest of Dean Eco-village swooped and reclaimed an environmental education centre closed by the cuts, we intend to reopen it and run it as a free education space for the local community and beyond.

We invite you to come join us on our journey towards creating a sustainable future.

Hinkley Point blockaders declare victory over EDF Energy

For about nine hours, we blockaded the nuclear power station with up to 400 people. This was the biggest anti nuclear power action in Britain for quite some years. It marked the beginning of a new anti nuclear power movement in this country, and you all made this possible.

Mc-hammer time

In the early hours of Tuesday morning (27/09/11) McDonalds drive thru in Bedminster was visited and thoroughly smashed, with all it's windows attacked.

Fuck Mcdonalds and the death culture they perpetuate and symbolise globally, which means:

3rd October: Blockaders begin mass protest outside Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station

More than 200 people have successfully sealed off the main entrance to Hinkley Point nuclear power station in Somerset.

Convoys of protesters began to arrive at the main gate shortly before 7am. The entrance is just yards away from where EDF Energy is making a bid to build two new mega-reactors.