South West England

South West England


In September a once a month activists nurture course starts, lasting a year. The purpose is to become more effective in our change work, sustaining it through inner joy and self-awareness

Support needed at Yorkley Court NOW

Update 24/6: The situation here is still urgent as of this morning; large numbers of security are currently trying to get on site.


Bristol: Arrest over 4 arson attacks

handfire 15th June from The local, now national media scum since 12th June last Thursday have been having a field day about the arrest of an individual regarding the 4 arson attacks on c

4 Arsons against Bristol's cellular transmission infrastructure over 24 Hours

Around Bristol between June 9th-10th, we left 7 mobile phone antennae in flames. Daily continuation of capitalist society is dependent on uninterrupted flows (of goods, people, data, and energy) and the communications grid is no exception.

Support the SOCPA 7

22nd April Over recent years there have been many attempts to stop UK activists protesting against Europe’s largest animal testing laboratory; Huntingdon Life Sciences. Activists have been arrested, raided, imprisoned and banned from taking part in the campaign.

Reclaim the Power gathering 8-9 February