South East England

South East England

~~~CAMP BLING~~~ call out for site crew

Camp Bling 1

Camp Bling (southend) essex is in need of more site crew
as we near road F5 cancellation OR eviction..

Check out:

Aldermaston: 8 arrests, successful blockade

Aldermaston Jan blockade 1
Aldermaston Jan blockade 2

This morning, at around 6.30am, groups of blockaders successfully shut two gates at Britain's nuclear weapons factory. There were eight arrests. Cutting teams gave up on trying to get through the lock-ons!

Tunnel system announced at ‘Camp Bling’ road protest site

Camp Bling Tunnel


The campaign against the controversial F5 dual carriageway scheme, proposed for the A127/A1159 Priory Crescent, took a dramatic new turn today with an extensive underground tunnel system being announced at the ‘Camp Bling’ protest site in Southend on Sea, Essex, in advance of a decision to be made on the road this Friday.

Blockade UK Nuke Factory at Aldermaston Monday 30 Jan

Bob the Builders


Yesterday West Berkshire Council failed to object to AWE Aldermaston's planned new laser - a facility designed to allow AWE to recreate the conditions in a nuclear explosion. This will allow the UK to develop a new generation of nuclear weapons. In response Block the Builders have called a blockade of the WMD factory at Aldermaston on this Monday (30 Jan 2006).

Reed Elsevier & Climate Camp for Action meetings in Oxford

There is going to be two meetings next Tuesday, 31st Jan regarding upcoming potential campaigns & actions. Both will take place in the Oxford Action Resource Centre (OARC), Room 1, East Oxford Community Centre.

Parklife Occupy Government Office

Parklife 'Save Priory Park' campaign
Press Release Monday 23rd January 2006

Parklife press line 1 (inside the building)
07929 595 761
Parklife press line 2 (outside the building)
07929 595 766

Saving Iceland Gathering Sheffield, 21-22nd January

Iceland Dam Bird

Saving Iceland Gathering
Sheffield 21-22nd January 2006
Matilda Social Centre, Matilda Street Sheffield

Weekend gathering reporting back from the campaign to stop the Icelandic government and Alcoa destroying Europe's largest remaining pristine wilderness for aluminium smelters.

Social centres gathering in Leeds, 29 Jan


*Social centres and autonomous spaces in the UK: where next after Gleneagles?*

A call out to all social centre activists and interested people in the UK

Sunday 29 January
The Common Place social centre

Oxford anti-vivisection demo + important AR info

SPEAK demo banner

report back from the SPEAK demo in Oxford against the £20 million vivisection lab under construction.

Hundreds of campaigners took to the streets of Oxford earlier today to protest the construction of an animal torture lab bein built by Oxford Uni. Halfway throuh the march, and out of sight of the public, the police changed the agreed route of the march and penned us in 50 meters away from the lab. After some pushing and shoving, in which the cops shoved an old woman to the ground, and we nearly broke throuh on several occasions, protestors trashed a police fence and found a side route to the lab, not making it there, but giving the cops a good run around! We were then slowly escorted back to the start point of the demo, where most of us were forbidden from attending the after demo chill out.



For immediate release: 2nd January 2006

Battle lines drawn: Green activists plan to halt airport expansion plans

Yesterday The Observer revealed the level of intent from the government on constructing a third runway at Heathrow. (1) Eco-activists however have already begun a campaign of direct action, working alongside local resident community groups, to try and halt aviation industry and government plans for expansion. (2)

~~SAVE PRIORY PARK~~ Camp Bling updates

Events, meetings, fundraisers!

Parkstall Sunday 18th December, 10.00am till 4.00pm
under the bridge, Southend high street, Southend on Sea.

Benefit gig Tuesday 20th December, 8.00pm till 1.00am at Sak's Underground , Clifftown road, adjacent to Southend Central station. Featuring Jah Free, Retrospex, Seasiders and Nick. Free entry, but with a donation to Camp Bling.

Bristol Critical Mass & Cambridge Action Against Climate Change - Sat 3rd!

Critical Mass climate day poster
Car eating Earth on cyclist

Saturday December 3rd, at noon, during the Winter Fair.

Part of the International day of action against climate change,

Buy Nothing Day 2005 - Leeds, Birmingham, Southampton, Bristol, Glasgow, Oxford, Manchester, London

Brum buy nothing day shit

Saturday November 26th 2005 was Buy Nothing Day (UK), the self proclaimed festival of frugal living and culture jammers jamboree. A day to expose the environmental and ethical consequences of consumerism, where developed countries (only 20% of the world population) are consuming over 80% of the earth's natural resources, causing a disproportionate level of environmental damage and unfair distribution of wealth.

Steal Something Day, a shameless 24-hour stealing spree!

The 24 hour moratorium on spending, 'Buy Nothing Day' is this Saturday 26th November in the UK. 6 years ago some Canadian anarchists came up with a critique of 'Buy Nothing Day' and called for a new initiative, 'Steal Something Day'.

Rossport Solidarity Camp speaking tour dates

Here is a list of the dates and venues for the Rossport solidarity speaking tour

Thursday November 3rd 7.30pm the Basement, 24 Lever
Street, hosted by the Anarchist Federation.