South East England

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South East England

Vicious attack by hunt staff and supporters leaves two hunt saboteurs in hospital

For immediate release 18th March 2006

A 999 call had to be made for emergency medical help today after hunt saboteurs were viciously attacked by both hunt staff and supporters of the Cotswold Vale Farmers hunt. Two saboteurs were taken to hospital, one with suspected broken ribs and severe concussion, the other with a suspected broken cheekbone and concussion. The hunt, which met at Sandhurst near Gloucester (Gloucestershire) had been been illegally hunting all day and saboteurs were present to collect evidence and also to intervene if necessary to prevent a kill. Police are currently taking statements in order to investigate the assaults.


Block the Builders logo

Six people were arrested early on Monday 13th March outside the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston as part of the on-going Block the Builders direct-action campaign to disrupt construction work on the new Orion laser facility which, if built, will enable the UK government to test and build the next generation of nuclear weapons.

Climate Camp Gathering 11-12th March

Climate Camp logo 1
Camp for Climate Action 2006 needs YOU!

Organising gathering in Oxford 11-12th March, East Oxford Community Centre, Princes Street, East Oxford.

Block the Builders: 13 March 2006 @ Aldermaston

Block the Builders Jan 2
Block the Builders Jan 1


Anti-nuclear NVDA group Block the Builders call another blockade of Britain's Atomic Weapons Establishment Aldermaston

Camp for Climate Action- Oxford Meetings

The next meeting for local people interested in getting involved with this summer's climate camp will take place this Wednesday (15th Feb) at 7.30 in OARC (upstairs @ East Oxford Community Centre).

Earth Activist Training course, July (May application deadline)

15th - 29th July 2006
Ragmans Lane Gloucestershire
with Starhawk & Penny Livingston- Stark

A permaculture design course and more for activists:
Learn the skills to transform a piece of land, a community and our political and economic systems.

next climate camp meeting, 11-12th February, in Nottingham

The next general meeting of the Camp for Climate Action is in Nottingham, 11-12th February.
Saturday's times are 11-6, Sunday 10-5.

The agenda and directions are on the website,

Impregilo demo'd over Iceland Dam


This morning, activists visited the offices of Impregilo New Cross Ltd, part of the company which is building the controversial Karahnjukar Dam in Iceland.

The five campaigners turned up at 85e Centurion Court, Milton Park outside of Abingdon with banners, leaflets & drums. Wandering in to the first floor open plan office, they proceeded to speak to all the employees, including the senior management. One person met with the finance director of the company who promised to scan the leaflet i and send it to their head office in Italy.

Demo against Iceland Dam - Wednesday 8th Feb, Oxford

Please join our demo against a company involved in massive ecological destruction in Iceland.

Europe's largest remaining natural wilderness in Iceland is under threat. Aluminium multinational Alcoa has convinced the Icelandic government to build a hydroelectric dam to provide the power to a smelter they are planning to build. The ecological damage this will cause will be immense.

activist trauma gathering, 4th February, London

Activist Trauma Network logo

Saturday 4th February 2006 10am-5pm

The Activist Trauma Network is organising a day of discussion and networking for all who are involved in promoting practical mutual support in activist, campaigning and community groups. This is an ever expanding area, as political work of any kind can be extremely demanding on every level. Many, but not all of us, became involved in this work by having first hand experience of trauma related to activism, police brutality, burn-out, stress-related physical illness and mental health issues. We are planning to discuss our own chosen work in these areas and expand on ideas we may have for projects, make new contacts and give/receive constructive feedback.

Sussex Uni Autonomous café – an experiment in self-management

Sussex Uni Autonomous Cafe 1
Sussex Uni Autonomous Cafe 2


Autonomous Cafe has successfully commandeered EDB Cafe of the University of Sussex on the 31/01/06. They served delicious food and the free shop contained many goodies. In fact it was such a success, that the collective has decided to organise the cafe on a regular basis: Every Tuesday from 12-3:30pm.

2 aviation campaign callouts

1. Call to stop all airport expansions across the uk!

Airport expansion is nearly on us, and we have to get networks running in order to defeat these multi billion pounds projects! cutting through our country side, building new roads to supply them, and of course, CLIMATE CHANGE!