South East England

South East England

documentary: Reclaim Power - voices from the camp for climate action 2006

Climate camp view from gateIn the summer of 2006, 600 people convinced that there is no time to waste set up a Camp for Climate Action in the shadow of one of the biggest C02 emitters in Europe: Drax coal-fired power station in Yorkshire / UK. Cine Rebelde produced a documentary film about the camp.

Climate change is now a reality. Leading scientists across the world agree that in a ’business as usual scenario’ we have no longer than 10 years to prevent 2-3 degrees of additional global arming that will lead to irreversible climatic changes with dramatic consequences for our planet.

The Campaign Against Prison Slavery

The Campaign Against Prison Slavery is a group set up to try to expose the reality of prison labour, how little of it teaches skills that can be used after release and which could help reduce the chances of re-offending.

SAVE PRIOY PARK : Mass Rally (photos)

Cops read Bling leaflet
Save Priory Park banner

As promised by local campaigners, and expected by the wider public, hundreds of local people converged upon Southend Civic Centre last Thursday for the ‘Parkrally’, to oppose controversial plans to widen the A127/A1159 Priory Crescent, or ‘scheme F5’ as it has come to be known.

Southend: Hundreds gather to oppose controversial F5 road widening

As promised by local campaigners, and expected by the wider public, hundreds of local people converged upon Southend Civic Centre this evening for the ‘Parkrally’, to oppose controversial plans to widen the A127/A1159 Priory Crescent, or ‘scheme F5’ as it has come to be known.
The event follows the recent ‘storming’ of the British Archaeological Awards celebration at Prittlewell Priory in January(1), when dozens of local residents disrupted an invite only ‘wine and cheese’ event held for local dignitaries, in celebration of the discovery of the East Saxon king’s burial, which would be destroyed, should the £25m road scheme get the go ahead.

Radley Lakes

The Oxford Mail reports that Anthony Bailey was arrested for possible trespass when being evicted from a camp where npower wish to destroy a wildlife site with sulphur rich power station ash. They also report that he has a broken arm.

Radley Lake: The destruction begins - updates


The Oxford Mail reported last night that a protester has been arrested at the Radley Lakes site after workers started preparing the area for the controversial dumping of power station ash.

Anti-nuclear campaigners block UK WMD factory

Aldermaston Feb 07 blockade13.02.2007

Yesterday six people were arrested outside AWE mAldermaston during an hour+long blockade of the nuclear weapons factory. Next BtB blockade 19 March - check the website for more info. What follows is a BtB press release, issued yesterday

Npower uses Thugs to Evict Radley Lakes Environmental Activists

Radley baliffs tip lock-on barrelAt approx 5am Tuesday 6th February 12 bailiffs dressed from head to foot in black and wearing balaclavas without warning smashed through the window of the occupied npower property showering sleeping activist in glass. They then proceeded to cut the air supply to a fortified bunker without checking if it was occupied, smash there way into a fortified loft without checking that the occupant Dave was safe. Not long after this they climbed onto the scaffold tower positioned on the garage roof and topped with a wooden box containing a 45 gallon concrete lock. Chris who was in the box at the time said they climbed on top of the box and started to rock the tower before breaking in with sledge hammers. Veteran road protester Muppet Dave said ‘it was one of the most dangerous eviction he had experienced and that it was only luck that nobody was seriously hurt’.

12th February Aldermaston Blockade: Join us

THURSDAY 8 FEBRUARY - for immediate release
With the parliamentary vote on replacing the Trident nuclear submarine fleet expected in mid-March, and a national demonstration of mass opposition called for 24 February in London, anti-nuclear campaigners will return to AWE Aldermaston on 12 February.


Eviction Aruga!!6.02.2007
Eviction began at Radley lakes at around 6.30 this morning.

Next national climate camp organsing gathering Feb 17/18 in Leeds

Climate camp logo 2 The next national organsing gathering will be in Leeds on Sat and Sun Feb 17th/18th. It will be at The Common Place in Leeds city centre and vegan food, accommodationand creche will be provided (please contact us with accommodation, creche or any other needs though so we can plan ahead).

Events at Cowley Club, Brighton

Here is the latest list of events at the Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton, East Sussex.

Weds 31st Jan, 7pm: V is for Video Activist - Schnews film showing

Thurs 1st Feb, 8-9pm: Evening Meal in the bar - Vegetable and nut bake with mushroom sauce, parsnip mash and salads

12 February 2007 - Fantastic February Blockade at AWE Aldermaston

Block the Builders photo montage12 February 2007
Fantastic February Blockade at AWE Aldermaston
From 7 am at Tadley gate

Radley lakes - eviction imminent - update 29th jan

Eviction Aruga!!Radley Lakes squat
Urgent call for help in Oxfordshire, where activists are occupying and intend to defend a squatted lakeside property in order to prevent the infilling of Radley Lakes with toxic ash from the burning of cheap imported coal at the nearby NPower owned Didcot power station.