Scotland (central & southern)

Scotland (central & southern)

Fossil Fools Day 2010

Climate change is no laughing matter – but that doesn’t mean we can’t confront the Fossil Fuel Empire with subversive humour.

WHAT: Direct actions, practical jokes and throwing a spanner in the works to stop the fossil fools.
WHERE: Your street, town or city.
WHEN: April 1st, 2010.

Faslane noise demo & Free Cafe (every first Saturday each month)

Every first Saturday of the month we'll be holding a noise demo at the base.

With workshops, afternoon kids space, discussion groups and free cafe at the camp.

For those wanting to stay longer there will be a film-screening and action meeting on Sunday.

Anyone is welcome to come along and get involved!
Call us for information on this or other upcoming events

Mainshill Solidarity Camp evicted – not an end, but a beginning

30th January 2010
Yesterday was the fifth and final day of the eviction of the Mainshill Solidarity Camp – the last two arrests as the final occupiers were dragged out of the rapidly shrinking Wood. A total of 45 arrests were made over the course of the eviction with close to 70 people taking part and supporting the camp.

Update from the ongoing Mainshill eviction, day 4

The ongoing eviction of Mainshill Solidarity Camp entered its fourth day with the struggle to clear the sycamores continuing.

Yesterday the battle for the sycamores had started with the removal of the skyraft, and one protestor being hauled out of a tree.

Update from day 3 Mainshill eviction

Seven more protestors were arrested today, Wednesday 27th January, in the third day of resistance against the eviction of Mainshill Solidarity Camp.

Ravenstruther coal rail terminal shut down + Mainshill eviction continues, 3rd day...

A coal terminal in South Lanarkshire was brought to a standstill this morning when a protestor locked himself to a piece of machinery.

At 9am this morning (Wed 27th) a man climbed to the top of a digger and locked himself to it by his leg, effectively shutting down Ravenstruther coal rail terminal.

Forced eviction of Mainshill Solidarity Camp under way - updates

Update, 6pm, Tuesday 26th:

This morning the tunnel team succeeded in clearing the expanding foam blockading the first door, inserted a camera into the tunnel, and removed one person.

Drilling-Rig Sabotaged at Mainshill Woods

In the early hours of January the 13th an Apex drilling rig at Mainshill Woods was sabotaged.

The Machine was one of two drilling rigs working on the site of another opencast coal mine planned for South Lanarkshire.
Resistance is strong with a series of actions already this year.

See and take action against a list of contractors working in Mainshill Woods here:

Pre-Eviction Gathering! Sat 23rd to Tues 26th January

*A long weekend of action, workshops and defence-building in preparation for the eviction of the Mainshill Solidarity Camp*

Coal Machinery Sabotaged in South Lanarkshire, Scotland

Late one night in early January Pennile open cast coal mine was visited by a number of people who sabotaged machines. A total of 13 pieces of machinery were damaged, including one giant earth mover, six giant dumper trucks, four standard sized earth movers and two flood light generators.

videos from Mainshill and German treesit against a proposed pipeline

The Mainshill Solidarity Camp presents:

*Off With Their Heads!*

Holding the politicians behind Mainshill Open Cast Coal Mine to account

Featuring: Jim Hood MP, Karen Gillon MSP, Councillor Danny Meikle and Lord Home

Sabotage at Broken Cross Open Cast Coal Mine (Mainshill Solidarity Action)

In the early hours of the 25th December, a group of autonomous activists delivered their Christmas present to Scottish Coal. Four machines were sabotaged at the Broken Cross open cast site, the largest of its type in Europe, just 5 miles from Mainshill Solidarity Camp.

Mainshill Celebrates 6th Month of Resistance! Come celebrate with us over Christmas!

Mainshill Solidarity Camp will celebrate its 6th month of resistance against Scottish Coal and fat cat interests this Friday the 18th of December!