Scotland (central & southern)

Scotland (central & southern)

M74 actions in Glasgow on 9 July

Two actions took place in Glasgow in solidarity with the Jam74 coalition against the M74 motorway in south east Glasgow on the 9 July 2005 Day of Action about climate change

JAM74 logo

Two climate activists occupy Edinburgh bridge in response to a hollow G8 communique.

climate bridge banner 2


2 autonomous activists climbed onto the bridge that traverses Leith Street, connecting the St James Mall to the car park, in Central Edinburgh at 5pm today.

'G8 Gr8 failure for climate' banner hang

G8 climate banner


Banner on the railings on Princes Street near station

Operation Splish Splash Splosh - clowns visit petrol stations

Splish 3

Clownbatants from the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA) visited two petrol stations in Glasgow today to thank Shell and Jet for their contributions to global warming. They brought paddling pools, sandpits, and aquariums to the forecourts, to illustrate the effects of climate change.

Ceilidh on the Clyde or Boogie on the Bridge

Clyde Bridge 2

The Police had clearly been ordered to have a smiley softly, softly approach and without the MET there to wind things up thats exactly what happened at first. They kept their distance allowing the demonstrators to take the George V Bridge and dance and party and juggle and laugh and do all the things that used to happen pre J18. Kids made chalk murals. Locals played football. A drumming band and a small sound system provided the music. At one point a very drunk individual with obvious mental health issue through a bottle of wine near some people and he was calmly escorted out without any involvement of the plods.

Anti-shell action in Edinburgh

edinburgh shell 2


The parade started at the Irish embassy, and moved along early in the streets of Edinburgh. It was a colorful and relaxed protest despite the police taking photographs.

the "Big Successfull Blockade" of Faslane Nuclear Base, at G8 2005

G8 Faslane 3


On Monday 4th of July, Scottish CND, Trident Ploughshares, the Faslane Peace Camp and friends celebrated one of their biggest success in the struggle against the Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction in Britain yet:

Direct action against the oil industry and the G8 started early today in Edinburgh....


Today at 07:30, 2 petrol stations were shut down in Edinburgh. The first was a BP station on Calder Road, and the second was a Shell station on Comiston Road. All pumps were put out of action with bike locks, and oil spills at the forecourt entrances meant no more business as usual for a while.

Rural Convergence Update


The rural convergence space will be a large self-managed outdoor space near Gleneagles: a space for all who aspire to radical decentralized alternatives to capital, power and ecological collapse. A place to meet, chat, eat, sleep, organise, and more.

Cre8 Summit has begun!

Cre8 Garden 6


On Sunday the 12th of June the Cre8 Summit began. An inspiring local project set up in response both to the approved building of the new M74 northern extension and the G8 summit to be held in July 2005.

Free Jeff Luers Solidarity Action in Edinburgh

Edinburgh support Free 2

On the night of June 12th 2005 in Edinburgh there was a benefit gig for Jeff Free Luers that ended with a confrontation in front of the American consulate.

SAINSBURY GM FEED CAMPAIGN: How you can help now


We're urgently seeking some last minute assistance in the ongoing saga of British GM animal feed imports. This is a short, easy action for everyone.

For those of you who haven't been following the activities of the 'Fair Price for GM Free Milk Coalition', the story in brief is that last year a group of independent farming unions and grassroots campaigners got together to try and target the use of GM animal feed in the UK. The idea was to start by encouraging Sainsbury's to keep its four year commitment to phase out GM feed.

Glasgow Critical Mass is reborn!

Critical Mass graphic 131.01.05

Last Friday as the sky over Glasgow turned from orange to blue-black, around 20 cyclists, relative novices to single-speeding dispatch riders, gathered around George Square for the first in what's hoped to become a regular Critical Mass event in the city.

Activists Break into top UK Nuke Base in tsunami aid protest

2nd January 2005

A pair of teenage activists breached high security at Faslane Base tonight to highlight the annual cost of Trident compared to the sum of aid promised by the British government to help the victims of the earthquake in Asia.