Scotland (central & southern)

Scotland (central & southern)

Resisting Together event, Edinburgh, March 29th

Resisting Together is an event of many ideas focussed on a single aim – the dissolution of Industrial Civilization through acts of resistance.

Reclaim the Power gathering 8-9 February

Earth First! Winter Moot 7-9 March 2014: programme up

A weekend gathering for people involved or want to know more about ecological direct action around the UK including fighting opencast coal, fracking, GM, nuclear power, new road building and quarries with discussions and campaign planning - emphasis on the tactics and strategies, community solidarity and sustainable activism.

Rebel Clowns Target Fracking in Scotland

Clown Pyramids say NO to Fracking27 July 2013 Yesterday morning a hoard of clowns descended on the government Directorate for Planning and Environmental Affairs to deliver a special anti-fracking message to the powers that be.

Faslane Peace Camp update

As you may know Faslane Peace Camp recently put out an appeal for new members. Fortunately the publicity has generated more people moving to the camp and the good news is that it now looks like the peace camp is not going to close at this crucial time in the debate about nuclear weapons in Scotland.