Scotland (central & southern)

Scotland (central & southern)

Mainshill Solidarity Camp Gathering – Saturday 31st October & Sunday 1st November + video

Building – Workshops – Action

Join us at Mainshill Wood for the weekend of the 31st October & 1st November or longer if you can.

Work stopped again at Mainshill as loggers are blockaded out of the Wood

Early yesterday residents of the Mainshill Solidarity Camp in South Lanarkshire stopped logging for the day by putting their bodies and ingenuity between machinery and the trees, rigging up a sky raft across a logging path used by heavy machinery to rip up unoccupied parts of the site.

Sabotage and digger-diving – work stopped twice in two days at Mainshill Wood

For the past two weeks Scottish Woodlands and others contracted by Scottish Coal have been devastating parts of Mainshill Wood, those beyond the Solidarity Camp. Plantation forest is being felled at an alarming rate, with massive harvesting machines and JCBs tearing up more of Scotland’s countryside. Scottish Coal is establishing its own site, south of the Solidarity Camp and right in the middle of Mainshill Wood. Your solidarity is urgently needed – this work must be stopped.

*Hit the Production of Climate Chaos - get involved* - 13th December call for actions

The climate catastrophe has not happened by random chance and the melting glacier is not its place. Our economic system, the way it produces goods, and the way they are transported and finally consumed is the root of climate change.

Key Coal Terminal Shut By Climate And Community Campaigners

Update: After a six hour blockade, one man had been arrested at the scene for assault and three women and a man had been arrested for breach of the peace. They've been charged with causing about £200,000 'damage' to the coal terminal operation.


At 6.30 this morning ten campaigners, together with local residents, peacefully blockaded Ravenstruther coal loading terminal in South Lanarkshire. Having stopped its reopening after the weekend, they are currently preventing coal being loaded and transported. [1] Protesters plan to stay in place as long as possible.

Mainshill Solidarity Camp needs you! Clear-felling and drilling ongoing

Want to support a community in it’s fight against corrupt councils and coal mining companies? Want to protect part of Scotland’s beautiful landscape and endangered wildlife? Want to take land and power away from a wealthy aristocrat and live communally on liberated land?

Anti-golf course group Trumps statues

24 September 2009
Campaigners against Donald Trump's £1bn golf resort plans in Aberdeenshire have dressed up statues around Scotland as the American tycoon.

The Menie Liberation Front group said the masks and golf clubs had been added to about 20 statues in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling.

Work restarts at Mainshill, resistance needed!

Forestry Commission workers this morning re-started clear-felling large areas of plantation in preparation for a new open cast coal mine. When the clear-felling started in June, Mainshill solidarity camp was set up to stop work on the site and occupy it, preventing any further felling and preventing any of the wood being removed from the site. Support is needed to prevent this destruction.

Clear-felling to resume at Mainshill Wood

The Mainshill Solidarity Camp has learned from Forestry Commission workers that the land owner at Mainshill Wood in South Lanarkshire, Lord Home, intends to continuing clear-felling large areas of plantation in preparation for a new open cast coal

Mainshill Solidarity Camp Update: two and a half months on & 1st newsletter

Its the fort that countsOver two and a half months ago the Mainshill Solidarity Camp was set up on the site of a new open cast coal mine at Mainshill Wood, in support of the local communities efforts to oppose the project and Scottish Coal’s plans, and in defiance of planning approval granted by South Lanarkshire Council

Five activists walk straight into Faslane nuclear weapons base – *breaking news*

Trident Ploughshares, Monday August 17, 2009 – 16:40pm – for immediate release

South Lanarkshire Locals And Climate Campers Confront Council

Scotland's first Camp for Climate Action culminated today by directly confronting South Lanarkshire Council whose members have approved new open cast coal extraction despite massive local opposition. They were protesting about the serious health impacts of this kind of 'mining on the cheap' and concerns about coal's contribution to climate change.

News from climate action camps in Scotland, Belgium/Netherlands and France

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Belgian/Dutch camp starts - Belgian coal terminal occupied - French camp & Nantes airport action