New Earth First Action Update OUT NOW!

EF! AU logo 1The printed EF! Action Update is back again! After a bit of a lull a new editorial collective is in place and ready to roll. We have just produced a summer edition in time for the Camp for Climate Action, where you can pick up printed copies.

ELF hits Rio Tinto Alcan in Essex in solidarity with Saving Iceland

In the early hours of 30/07/07, saboteurs struck at Smurfit Kappa, a plastics factory owned by Rio Tinto Alcan in Chelmsford, Essex. The gates were locked shut, office doors and loading bays were sabotaged with glue and a message left painted on the wall. Vehicles belonging to Rio Tinto were also sabotaged.

Protesters decontaminate the UK's last remaining GM potato trial

Biohazard (red)During the night of Friday 6th July, a group of activists converged on Britain's last remaining GM trial site just outside Cambridge. They scaled the security fences and destroyed the crop of genetically modified potatoes.

New cars smashed while on transportation by train

Since the G8 in Gleneagles 2005 there has been sabotage on 3 different dates, with estimated damage about £200,000 plus,bristol indymedia has been spared the postings for legal reasons.

Video - You Plant, We Dig

Short video of the April 21st anti-GM rally and picnic that ended with the attempted underplanting of organic potatoes in a field thought to be earmarked for a BASF GM potato crop trial in Hedon near Hull.

G8 Bike Caravan Action Nijmegen

7.05.2007 - Today a bicycle demo against the G8 was held in Nijmegen, Holland..

Today the bicycle demo against the G8 was a success. Despite the pouring rain and the absence of the majority of the international bicycle caravan, there were still 30 cyclists ready for action. Several locations that had some connection with the G8 politics were visited by bike for some good-spirited demonstrating . Unlike in Utrecht the police was wise enough not to show up. Tonight the rest of the caravan will arrive in Nijmegen, where the cyclists will stop for the night. Tomorrow the caravan will continue towards Germany, where the G8 summit will take place from 6th to 8th of june, in Heiligendamm.

Call for Submissions: Zine on Property Destruction

Entering the radical community, many quickly find themselves constantly hearing about debate over property destruction. Is it violence? Does it matter if it's violence? Is it effective? Is it alienating? And on and on. I've been hearing this argument pretty much since I regularly started attending protests. At this point, I almost don't want to deal with the subject. Naturally, you're asking, "Then why the hell do you want to make a zine about it?"