Last week's direct action news from Greece

direct action report 7-15 October

This blog is an attemp to cover, publicise and translate all known direct action news (mostly concerning Greece but also near countries as well), apart from the mass media mediation, providing an open database on sabotage-vandalism-rioting and other fine popular arts that blossom throughout the ruins of our post-industrial society. It came as a personal response to a wider need for all direct action to have its own proper spaces, in order to speak for itself, spaces available to anyone that cares. So, i am willing to publish all communiques and comments concerning the actions found here. There will not be published here actions claimed by any formal organisations or parties. These gentlemen can -at least- afford their own image-making. You are welcome to send your own reports to

Eric McDavid US Green Scare prisoner - found guilty & update

It has been two weeks since the jury found Eric guilty, and we are still trying to regroup and get ready for the next round. While this is going to be a long process – one which will require your help and support in a variety of ways – there is one thing that simply cannot be put off.

Manchester Temporary Autonomous Arts Exhibition, Events & Festival of street art and creative subversion

Manchester Temporary Autonomous Arts flierFollowing the success of last years extravaganza in Manchester's Northern's happening again!


Stockholm Indians of the Concrete Jungle hit 4x4Stockholm Indians of the Concrete Jungle hit 4x4- One thousand 4x4s disarmed by The Indians of the Concrete Jungle

In recent months, a climate action group calling itself The Indians of the Concrete Jungle has struck against SUVs across Sweden. Tyres on one thousand cars have been deflated. The campaign is spreading like wildfire, prompting national debate and furious aggression among SUV-owners.

Critical Mass and Carfree day in Brussels

Brussels Critical Mass 1
Brussels Critical Mass 2
Brussels Critical Mass 3
Brussels Critical Mass 4
What a weekend for cyclists. Friday evening and the regular Brussels Critical mass was held one week early to coincide with mobility week. Around 80 cyclists sprouted up at the Porte de Namur and reclaimed the streets of Brussels for an hour or two. This month there was a practical theme to create a DIY cycle lane. Recently the Major of the city decided that the cycle lane along the main boulevard through central Brussels was a menace to traffic and even encouraged cyclist to get in the way of honest car driving citizens. What to do when that Major takes away the cycle path. A simple question, you get together with your friends and paint it back again. Getting rid of the cycle hating Major will probably be the next step but that’s another action.

Playing with Fire: The Story of Daniel McGowan, "eco-terrorism" and the Green Scare

Playing with Fire coverGrowing up in New York City, Daniel McGowan saw first-hand how pollution fogged the air and fouled the beaches in some of the city’s poorest communities, setting him on a lifelong path of environmental and social justice. But how he ended up drenched in gasoline and setting fire to Oregon’s Jefferson Poplar Farms in 2001 and was later targeted as a “domestic terrorist” is the story of someone who cared too much and didn’t know what else to do.

Direct Action News From Greece

Greek DA news logonews from nowhere -


-English: Providing an open database on sabotage-vandalism-rioting and other fine popular arts that blossom throughout the ruins of our post-industrial society. Send your own reports at

Bristol Actions in Solidarity with Rising Tide's Call to Action: August-September 2007

Parts of 3 golf courses were dug up: Tracy Park, Wick; Knowle, Stockwood; and Filton. In Knowle a message was sprayed up near the club house reading "Decadent waste of water".


Norewegian Whaler Scuttled

Scuttled Norwegian whalerSea Shepherd News

Sunken Whaler Was a Cruel Killer

It is not a surprise that an unknown person (or persons) targeted the Willassen Senior - the outlaw Norwegian whaling vessel that was scuttled on the evening of August 30, 2007.

Free Julio! No more dams!

Prisoner Solidarity 4Julio Villanueva, member of the group Solidari@s con Itoiz, was arrested on August 17th in Iruñea-Pamplona. He was arrested by the local police ant imprisoned next morning.