Western UK sabotage for the animals

24 January 2008
Countryside allaince signs were smashed and the side of a landrover was scratched, another hunt car had both sides and bonnet scraped hope the respray didnt cost too much!

Prefabs Stolen from the Poor - Bristol fights back

The hummingbird is the logo of Bovis Homes but dont let rapid wingbeats blur your memory. Lest we forget.....

Bovis took over all prefab sites in Bristol, and the old and poor were moved out to make way for new luxury apartment homes. Bovis lie when they say they meet the legal requirement of 17% social housing. They dont.

GM Trees Chopped Down in New Zealand

GE pines
New Zealand GE trees action19.1.2008

Anti-GM protesters have cut down 19 genetically modified pine trees at a research site near Rotorua. The attack happened at some stage over the weekend.

Success for City Indians: 4WD targetted in Denmark

4th January 2008

Originally from Sweden a movement of "city indians" targetting large 4WD cars has spread widely in Denmark, while in Sweden a truce has been declared.

The number of attacks on high pollution 4WD city cars have been increasing steadily in Denmark since the city indians first began in Sweden some months ago. New year's eve saw another wave of actions in Copenhagen.

December's Greek round-up of bank, cash machine & Group 4-Wackenhut vehicle attacks

Arson at a bank's ATM (Athens, 24/12/2007)

Source (greek only-page bottom):,id=91228912

At 4:43 in the morning, the ATM of a Kyprou Bank subsidiary in central Athens, was set on fire. There was no responsibility claim.

All Manchester city centre Flight Centres & Hummer dealership targetted

For people interested in something a little more direct than the big climate demo in London tomorrow...

Tonight, all Flight Centre branches in Manchester city centre have been superglued closed, in time for Saturday trading and to coincide with the climate march in London tomorrow. They were pasted with notices saying: "Closed - we want your kids to have a planet"

Golf course in Sydney dug in with warning

The anonymous visitors were clear about why they caused the damage they did. "Warning!: you bastards kill one bird and we will destroy all your greens at our leisure. We will be watching and waiting" read a note on a piece of cardboard that was stuffed into one of the holes.