Rest of Europe

Rest of Europe

Coal company and police try to prohibit climat camp

Climat Camp near Cologne, Germany starting tomorow got problems with the camp site. 

NO TAV movement again under attack, Italy

For twenty years in mountains of North West Italy, not far from Torino, a powerful movement has grown that has resisted the Italian government’s plan to build a high velocity railroad, which in addition to being very costly and economically useless would certainly destroy the mountain environment.

CCF-Russia Torches Mobile Housing Unit at a Highway Construction Site in Adygeya (Russia)

Call out for support for forest occupation in Belgiu,

Since the first of Juli we (an action group from the Dutch Earth First!) have occupied a forest in Wilrijk, s

Mayo farmer to face criminal damage charge over Shell protest

File photo of a caravan painted by campaigners from a 2011 protest 26 July 2013 Gerry Bourke – a farmer from Aughoose in County Mayo – is insisting he has no case to answer after being hit with a criminal damage and trespass charge in

ALF Liberates Dolphins

23 July 2013 2 dolphins were set free from Yevpatoria dolphinarium as a result of special operation with diving equipment. 

During the night of the full moon on 20/07/2013 we covered 2 km under water and breached security perimeter: we cut the nets and entered dolphin containment pools.

ELF target car dealer, Germany

July 17, 2013 - Germany

reported anonymously:

Residents raise sinkhole warning signs over Shell tunnel

sinkhole_1.jpgYesterday (14th July), local residents and supporters raised signs on Sruwaddacon estuary, warning of the sinkholes that continue to appear over Shell's tunnel.

Police Fire Water Cannons to Quell Protest as Baton-Wielding Shop Owners Threaten Reporters in Istanbul

15 July 2013 Police have fired water cannons and tear gas to the several thousand protesters gathered on Istanbul’s İstiklal Avenue to protest a midnight bill adopted this week by the Parliament which curbed the supervision of the Chamber of Architects and Engineers (TMMOB) i

Forest occupation in Belgium needs more people!

Since the first of Juli we have occupied a forest in Wilrijk, south of Antwerp in Belgium. It looks like it won’t be a very long occupation, because the owner has already started all the procedures to kick us out and the police stops by at least once a day.

Extra gardai on duty at Shell pipeline after €150,000 damage to machinery

30 June 2013 Extra gardai are on duty in Co Mayo this weekend after violence broke out at a protest against the Shell gas pipeline last Sunday when a security guard had his arm badly injured and €150,000 worth of damage was done to machinery, writes Jim Cusack.