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Rest of Europe

police endanger Iceland dam protestors


Police and security guards at the Karahnjukar Dam construction site in Iceland, last night ordered the bulldozers drivers to start their engines and move off, despite there being more than 25 people locked on to the underside of their vehicles.

First lock on in Icelandic history

Iceland Blockade 1

On Tuesday 19th July 2005.a group of approximately 20 of us hiked to the main junction approaching the site. Four of our group locked on to a pick up truck and a HUGE caterpillar construction vehicle. We managed to block 2 other access roads and hault work on the site for three hours. This was a first in Icelandic history:the police had to make up a word for “lock-on�. Thirteen of us were “detained�, apparently “arrested�, and later released without charge....with the warning that Impregilo were “looking at this incident with grave eyes� and were likely to make a civil case. Impregilo have since changed their mind. For a change, the media did report that the protesters were “friendly�!

Community request for help fighting Shell in Mayo, Ireland



Local community requests help from activists to fight a Shell/Statoil/Marathon gas pipeline that will threaten their lives and be ecologically devastating for an isolated, beautiful area of Ireland

Iceland holds UK protestor for alleged £40,000 damage using yoghurt


Paul Gill, a British protester against Iceland's ecologically devastating Karahnjukar dam project, is being held for allegedly committing £40,000 worth of criminal damage using 'yoghurt'.

Anti-Civilisation Bulletin 40th issue, from Turkey


Dear friends and comrades...We are anti-civ friends and comrades from Turkey..As we have circulated infos and news about our weekly Bulletin (Against Civilization), we are pleased to give information about the last 40th issue of Against Civilization Bulletin...AC has been publishing since June 2004 as a part of our anti-civ resistance in our region...But we want more to hear and publish about anti-civ, green anarchist, anarcho-primitivist, animal/earth liberation, eco-defense DI˙RECT ACTI˙ONS, prisoner news-writings-articles stuff from you...cause we need to circulate the idea of anti-civilisation that we and our Mother Earth needs...

Farmers take animals to Milan McDonald's for GM protest

3 March 2001 - Agence France Presse March 3, 2001

The manager of a McDonald's restaurant in Milan was injured Saturday when farmers - along with a cow, a pig and two chickens - staged an impromptu protest over genetically-modified food products. The cow slipped on the restaurant floor, accidentally hitting the manager with a hoof, Ansa news agency reported. The unidentified farmers left the scene a few minutes later in a van.

Protesters break into farm lab, make off with suspected GMO samples

ROME, - Agence France Presse 3 March 2001

Militants opposed to research into genetically modified organisms (GMOs) broke into a farm laboratory in northeast Italy Saturday as Group of Eight (G8) environment ministers met in Trieste to find a compromise over a UN treaty on global warming.