Rest of Europe

Rest of Europe


Alcoa Runcorn blockade 2
Alcoa Runcorn blockade 1


Tomorrow, 1 March, ALCOA arms manufacturers and aluminium giant are to announce at their ALCOA Global Center in New York if they are going to push for yet another aluminium smelter in pristine Iceland, against the will of the majority of Icelandic people.

Contamination case in organic agriculture - Catalonia (Spain)

Catalonia GM contamination harvest 1Catalonia GM contamination harvest 2Last Sunday 26th February 2006, more than 50 persons cut down a contaminated organic maize field, and burned the nearly 4 tonnes of maize in protest for the situation organic f

No! No! GMO! to Irish potatoes

Irish GM potato demo 2
Irish GM potato demo 1

February 22, 2006

Irish farmers, food producers and consumers held a public protest at the entrance to the Dáil at 1.15pm today Wednesday 22 February to call for the Government to ban genetically modified (GM) crops in Ireland, and prevent the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from authorising the release of GMO potatoes in Co. Meath.

Rossport anti-Shell & Statoil solidarity actions (& background article) - Dublin, Nottingham, London, Cork

Shell HQ Dublin blockade 1
Shell HQ Dublin blockade 2


Shell's headquarters in Dublin were blockaded during lunchtime today by bicycles and supporters of Rossport's campaign to prevent a dangerous, high-pressure pipeline being built through their community.


Iceland Embassy

Tuesday 14th February.

Today around twenty protesters descended upon the Icelandic London Embassy in order to continue their protest against the series of major hydroelectric dam projects due to be constructed on Iceland’s glacial rivers.

Demo against Iceland Dam - Wednesday 8th Feb, Oxford

Please join our demo against a company involved in massive ecological destruction in Iceland.

Europe's largest remaining natural wilderness in Iceland is under threat. Aluminium multinational Alcoa has convinced the Icelandic government to build a hydroelectric dam to provide the power to a smelter they are planning to build. The ecological damage this will cause will be immense.

Low Countries EarthFirst! Gathering, 6-7th May 2006

Groen Front! logo

On the 6-7th of May there will be a GroenFront! / Low countries EarthFirst! Gathering. Translation available for non-dutch speakers. Cost will be kept to a minimum. Vegan food. Parents with children welcome. Location and program will be anounced on - Please contact Vrienden van GroenFront! / Dutch & Belgian EarthFirst! support group through the website if you want to add to the program or have special requirements.

Saving Iceland Gathering Sheffield, 21-22nd January

Iceland Dam Bird

Saving Iceland Gathering
Sheffield 21-22nd January 2006
Matilda Social Centre, Matilda Street Sheffield

Weekend gathering reporting back from the campaign to stop the Icelandic government and Alcoa destroying Europe's largest remaining pristine wilderness for aluminium smelters.

people desperately needed for irish protest camp

we really need people from feb 25th 2006 onwards to come to the rossport solidarity camp in co. mayo ireland.

a multi national consortium led by shell plan to build a really dangerous raw high pressure gas pipeline and refinery in a remote and beautiful part of the west of ireland. this experimental pipeline will endanger local people's health and safety aswell as destroying an area of outstanding natural beauty. shell plan to pump raw gas inland through a pipeline which would be only 70m away from some people's homes. they also propose to dump waste from the gas treatment process into a local bay which is a breeding ground for whales and dolphins. this summer 5 local men spent 94 days in prison for preventing shell acess to their land. the rossport solidarity camp was set up on the route of the proposed pipeline at the request of local people. shell are about to start attempting work again and we are setting up a new camp on the beach at the site where the proposed pipeline would meet land.

Earth Liberation Prisoners! Bulletin (14th January 2006)

Prisoner Solidarity 1

Dear friends
ELP has five lots of news for you today:

1 (USA) Three new eco-prisoners
2 (Italy) Marco Martorana under house arrest
3) (Britain) Jan Lawrence released

Schinveld eviction latest: anti-NATO activists occupy forest, build tree houses and tunnels


Schinveld tunnel
Eviction Aruga!!

A forest that has to be cut down for NATO-planes, is already for more then a month occupied. AWAC-planes are terrorising the local people for over 25 years. But currently a minority of politicians and police (yes they are a minority) are trying to take over the forest and chop it down.

Shell / Co Mayo International Solidarity Actions Planning Meetings - London & Nottingham

Irish resistance continues against a giant Shell consortium who plan to construct a dangerous high pressure pipeline and gas processing plant in Rossport, Co Mayo. The people there have called for international solidarity actions on either fri 17th or sat 18th February.

Schinveld Forest (Netherlands) to be Evicted this Monday

Schinveld Forest to Be Evicted this Monday

Eviction Aruga!!
Schinveld Tree House

Sunday December 4th GroenFront! (Dutch EarthFirst!) occupied the Schinveld forest in the SE of the Netherlands to protest agains the intended destruction of 6 hectares of woods. NATO and the Min. of Defense want AWACS radar planes on the nearby Geilenkirchen NATO base, just across the border in Germany, to off with more kerosene in their fuel tanks. The AWACS are being used in the middle east. We have built treehouses and tunnels and expect them to be evicted this Monday Jan. 9th by 700-1000 military and regular police. GroenFront! is calling upon cops and soldiers to refuse work on ethical grounds. Authorities are immensely nervous about the immense support of locals, and have now called a local state of emergency to quell any more protests. As this had led to even more outrage, many people from the town of Schinveld are pledging to come and support or participate in the eviction.

Italian anti-high-speed train protestors retake land

Venaus 1


Massive protests have delayed the start of work on a 33-mile tunnel under the Alps between France and Italy planned as a key link in a trans-Europe rail line.

Violent Repression of High Velocity Train protest in Italy's Susa Valley

Italy train protest


At around 3.30 yesterday morning near the village of Venaus in Piedmont’s Susa Valley, police attacked and forcibly evicted locals and activists who had been peacefully occupying the valley for the past week in protest against plans to construct a High Velocity Train line and tunnel linking Turin with Lyon.