Rest of Europe

Rest of Europe

Saving Iceland Gathering in SCOTLAND Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th June

For an early start on Saturday...
At Bilston Glen Anti-Bypass Protest Site

A gathering for activists in Scotland (and elsewhere if you want to travel) to discuss the mobilisation at Karahnjukar this summer. See

Against the MegaMachine - Anti-Civilisation gathering in Spain, 2-5 June

Against Megamachine gathering flier

This year we are calling for a new gathering of critics against civilization.

European Day of Action on Aviation, 10th June, 2006

On 10th June campaign groups from across Europe will be taking part in a Day of Action

The purpose of the day is:

v to highlight how much opposition there is across Europe to airport expansion

Grenoble, France: Actions against nanotechnologies on may 30th - june 2nd

After nuclear energy and GM food,

Are we resigned to be continuously, ubiquitously and shiftily watched on, to have our buying, moving, activities, contacts - the smallest details of our everyday lives - tracked and recorded?

July 15 International Day of Direct Action against Climate Change and the G8!

July 15th will be an International Day of Action Against Climate Change. As G8 energy ministers promise trillions in new subsidies to the industries destroying our planet and our future, we will take action to shut them down! This is a call for autonomous, decentralized actions appropriate for your town, city, or bioregion.

Support to 4 Spanish NATO train blockaders on trial

Spanish military train blockade

On Thursday may 11th at 11.30 am four antimilitarist activists will be on trial for a military train blockade in fall 2004. The public prosecutor asks for a sentence of one year’s imprisonment, while the activist’s lawyer pleads for acquittal. The trial has been postponed already two times, the last one because of the absence of the witnesses (4 policemen) for the prosecution without giving any reason.

Saving Iceland gathering 21st - 23rd April in Norfolk


It's time to organise the 2006 camp!

The next Saving Iceland gathering will take place over the weekend of the 21st - 23rd April in Norfolk, UK . It'll be a great time to find out more and to meet some of the (lovely) people involved with the campaign, as well as to help discuss what this Summer's protest camp will look like.

Activists occupy Monsanto GM seed facility in France

On 13 April 2006 activists occupied the seed factory of Monsanto in Trèbes, Aude, France. As of 2pm local time, 100 activists are still inside the building carrying out a "citizen's inspection", looking for GM seeds.

Greenpeace board and brand pirate ship in Las Palmas

Greenpeace Stolen Fish


Las Palmas, Spain — Activists from the Esperanza have climbed on board an illegal cargo vessel full of fish stolen from Guinean waters. Greenpeace and the Environmental Justice Foundation tailed the "Binar 4" for six days, as it sailed from West Africa to dump its pirate catch on the European market.

Greece, Athens: Another Two Police Surveillence Cameras Destroyed

Athens burn CCTV

On Friday 17/3/2006, at about 11 in the morning, anarchists comrades burned the operation boxes (cafao) of two police cameras in the Votanikos area of Athens. The first one is situated at the crossroad of Constantinoupoleos St. and Iera Odos, while the second one at the crossroad of Cavala Av. and Sp. Pachi St.

Latest News on the Struggle Against Shell in Mayo, plus details of contractors

Rossport Solidarity Camp was re-opened on the 25th of February, on the shoreline near to the beachhead where the pipeline is proposed to hit land. Campers, Mayo residents, and travelling supporters, particularly from Cork Shell to Sea, came together for a day of building. A full report is here:

Youth Against Heavy Industry invade offices of Icelandic National Power Compnay

Landsvirkjun action

The Reykjavík offices of the much loathed Landsvirkjun, the Icelandic National Power Company, were gatecrashed yesterday by over thirty angry young people who banged drums, shouted and blew whistles in defiance against Landsvirkjun, heavy industry and ecocidal dams in the Icelandic highlands.

ALCOA offices in Reykjavik stormed by 30 young people as ALCOA announce plans for new smelter in north Iceland

Alcoa Reykjavik noise occupation 1
Alcoa Reykjavik noise occupation 2

1 March 2006
Alcoa add fuel to the fire and announce plans for a new aluminium smelter in north Iceland. The announcement was made from ALCOA Global Center at Park Avenue in New York City in order to avoid facing protesters in Iceland.

Bialowieza Primeval Forest Action in London this coming Friday

Bialowieza Forest 1

This is a call for action in London to save the last natural forest in Europe.

BISON Coalition is urgently looking for a cameraman with a good equipment to film the demo on Friday (at 2 pm) the 3rd of March in front of the Polish Embassy. It would be perfect to have some technical support from you afterwards, to make the video available to TV stations and internet users.