Rest of Europe

Rest of Europe

Sabotage on the High Speed Railway Track Bologna-Milan

luogo_sa2 4th June From the local media we learn that in the night between 19th and 20th May, copper and fibre optic cables were cut along the high speed rail track in Bologna, and two cockpits were

Protest against tar sand oil shipment in the Basque country

Yesterday May 29th activists from Ekologistak Martxan and from the Coke Ez network closed one of the access gates to the Petronor (Repsol) refinery in Muskiz (near bilbao, Basque Country). The reason was the first shipment of oil from tar sands from Canada.

Reoccupation of the Hambach Forest in Germany


Struggle against megalomaniac energy provider RWE and the biggest human-made hole of europe.

In Russia, Home-Grown Environmental Activism on the Rise

604-4 8th May 2014 Nina Popravko, one of the few professional environmental lawyers in Russia, is defending in court a group of a dozen activists in the small town of Kozmodemiansk, in the Mari El Republic on the

Eviction of treehouse village on Hambacher Forst protest site

Ker­pen, 28.​03.​2014. Shortly after 20:00 on last wednesday the 28th of march the last of seven activists was evicted from a tree.

Eviction of Hambach Forest right now

The hambach forest is under eviction right now. Hundrets of police are trying to get the people down from the trees, but it can need some time. Media is talking about lock-ons in the trees. Right now there are several lifting ramps working at several treehouses at the same time. The Police is blocking roads and the motorway in a big range.

Occupation of Minvest Deva Headquarters in Romania


Nine activists from Romania and Germany climbed the fire escape of Minvest Deva’s headquarters today and unfurled two thirty-foot-long banners calling for a ban on cyanide mining. They were fined 500 lei each, but declared they would not pay.

Italy: Police Arrest Four on Terrorism Charges Against High Speed Rail

tav_corteo030a711_sitonotaveeu--400x300 9th December  Police on Monday arrested four alleged anarchists in the northwestern Piedmont and the northern Lombardy regions on terroris