Rest of Europe

Rest of Europe

Iceland Camp Against Heavy Industry Starts July 6th

The campaign to defend Europe's vastest remaining wilderness continues. After the direct action camps in Iceland in the summers of 2005 and 2006 against the Karahnjukar dam and ALCOA's aluminium smelter, the Saving Iceland campaign moves on to bring industrialisation of Iceland to a halt. A new camp in Iceland will commence on July 6th 2007 (location to be announced later). New plans for dams, power plants, smelters and other heavy industry need to be stopped. Targets include corporates such as ALCOA, ALCAN, Century Aluminium, Barclays, Mott McDonald, Bechtel, Rio Tinto and BH Billiton. Iceland, with it's vast geothermal and megahydro possibilities, is a new frontier for energy craving industrial moguls, in times of increasing energy scarcity and insecurity. Stopping industrialisation and ecological destruction of the last unspoilt country in the west would be a major strategic victory for the green and anarchist movement and a new incentive for a global movement against industrialisation and ecocide. This includes the campaign against ALCOA and AluTrint's plans for a smelter in Trinidad and other direct action against dams and heavy industry.

Steal Something Day, a shameless 24-hour stealing spree!

Steal Something DayThe 24 hour moratorium on spending, 'Buy Nothing Day' is this Saturday 26th November in the UK. 6 years ago some Canadian anarchists came up with a critique of 'Buy Nothing Day' and called for a new initiative, 'Steal Something Day'.

Attack on anti-castor camp thrown back

The Castor, a transport of nuclear waste, is going through Germany again. Several thousand people are protesting all over Germany. Near the route of the transport a protest camp is set up in Metzingen. Last night a street blockade with burning hay bales was set up.

Nuclear opponents delay waste transport in France


Anti-nuclear activists on Saturday delayed a waste train from northern France to northern Germany by several hours, said the French reprocessing company, Areva.

The train carrying 12 Castor train storage caskets was held up before Serqueux near Rouen because activists were near the track. Two years ago a protester was killed under a Castor train train.

Shell to Sea activists disrupt Dempsey at oil bosses conference


Activists from Dublin Shell to Sea disrupted the "Exploring Atlantic Ireland" conference in the Burlington Hotel this morning as Minister for the giveaway of Natural Resources Noel Dempsey was on stage giving his speech.

Rossport Solidarity Meeting 2nd Nov and Pics from demo 26th Oct

Around 20 people took part in a lunchtime demonstration outside Manchester Business School in solidarity with the people of Rossport, Co Mayo, Ireland. In Ireland, like in Nigeria , South Africa and other places, Shell Oil is using the powers of the state to ride rough shod over the local people's resistance to their destruction of local communities and environments.

Funeral of Iceland & Trinidad

The demo was attended by about 40 people, not too bad for a weekday demo in inner city London (we chose to have the demo then so that we could get into the embassies.) Perhaps next time we will organize something on a weekend. About a quarter of the demo were Trinidadians. We started the event with an emotional funeral ceremony, with talks from an anti-dam activist who'se been involved in the anti-Narmada dam campaign (India) as well as the anti-Karahnjukar dam campaign (Iceland); Sue Doughty, former Liberal MP, talked about her attempts to get the UK parlaiment to ask the Icelandic state to reconsider its path of heavy industry; two Trinidadian speakers: talked about the neo-colonialist-liberal invasion by western corporations of the third world, and the beauty of the Cedros Peninsula and tragedy of the Aluminium development, respectively; then an Icelandic speaker who talked about the loss of the Icelandic Karahnjukar wilderness, and the future plans of heavy industry in Iceland. These were followed by a bringing out of a coffin upon which photos of both Cedros and Karahnjukar were plastered. The crowd threw flowers ontop of this coffin and planted seeds (of resistance!) inside it. We were then read an ancient Icelandic poem called "The Prophecy" from the book of Edda, the story of the birth of the world and the northern gods, the apocalypse and then the final rebirth of the world: nature rising from the ashes of industrial/power driven collapse.

Funeral march for Iceland & Trinidad - LONDON 27 OCTOBER

Friday 27 October 2006
Funeral of the Wild - Trinidad and Iceland
1pm, Sloane square, London, UK.
Please dress in black.

Rossport Solidarity demo, Manchester Business School, Oct 26th

Picket of Manchester Busines School called for Thursday 26th Oct - 11.30 - 2pm. Calling for the MBS to have Shell removed from their list of sponsors, unless Shell ceases its attempts to destroy the environment in Rossport, Co Mayo, Ireland.

Breaking news from Mayo

Three arrests this morning, national mobilisation planned.

This morning at around 7 a.m. police check points were in place on roads at either side of the Rossport Solidarity Camp. The police took the details of the people leaving the camp to go to the refinery site at Ballinaboy.

Rooftop Action closes Shell Garage in Brighton


A group of about 20 people closed down a busy Brighton Shell garage for an hour and half during this evening's rush hour in solidarity with the call for action in solidarity with Rossport in County Mayo, Ireland.

Shell HQ Occupied inside and on roof in Dublin; plus Mayo & Cork actions


At 12.30 p.m. 15 activists arrived at the Headquarters of Shell Exploitation and Production Ireland, six entered the lobby while another six climbed onto the roof. A couple more stayed on the pavement outside to chain some of the doors to the building and to speak to the media. A publically advertised protest was scheduled at this office for 1 p.m. so soon the advance party was joined by 40 to 50 more people. The cops arrived and were quite dozy not really knowing what to do. They took the names of the people in lobby but not the people on the roof. They attempted to access the roof via a window and ended up breaking it.

Shell petrol pumps shut down in Leeds in solidarity with County Mayo, Ireland

A Shell petrol station on Kirkstall Rd in Leeds was shut down this morning between 8am and 10am by local people in solidarity with people in in County Mayo, Ireland, who are currently fighting to stop Shell's disastrous and potentially deadly gas pipeline being built through the beautiful coastal village of Rossport.