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Rest of Europe

Overview of last week's events in Rossport

This summer has seen the Shell to Sea campaign gain increasing momentum as construction of the proposed onshore gas refinery in County Mayo, Ireland begins.

Anticivilization gathering 2007


We have almost fixed the timetable for debates and the workshop.
Welcome and preparing the place for the gathering. First workshops.

European activist gatherings (Ecotopia, Portugal 4-19 Aug & ASEED international activist camp, Bulgaria, 26-29 July)

You are invited to Ecotopia 2007 - Migrations

This year Ecotopia will take place between 4 - 19 August in Aljezur in the south of Portugal.

Ecotopia is a two-week activist camp and an open event for everyone interested in environmental and social justice issues.

Mayo shell site blockaded, later occupied, jailings & solidarity demo

Bellanaboy car blockade13.07.2007

Local Protesters Blockade Shell Construction site in Mayo

A number of Shell to Sea campaigners have established a non-violent blockade of the road leading to the proposed gas refinery site at Bellanaboy. Two protestors are locked on to an immobilized vehicle, preventing access to the site.

Saving Iceland Summer of Resistance Kicks off in Reykjavik

Iceland blockade12.07.2007
A day of action in Reykjavik kick starts Saving Iceland's Summer of Resistance to heavy industry and the aluminium industry's corporate invasion of Europe's largest wilderness.

Saving Iceland Camp Location

Saving Iceland camp 2007BRINGUR, Mosfellsheiði, South West Iceland. You will go through the flat valley of Mosfellsdalur and as you start climbing up to the moors you will pass the white villa of Gljúfrasteinn. It is the first dirt track on the right after you have passed Gljúfrasteinn. Keep going on the track until you finally see the camp! The track is a bit rough but fine for small cars as long as you drive slowly.

On the anniversary of the imprisonment of the Rossport Five, Shell's peat stripping continues

Rossport imprisonment 2nd anniversaryBellanaboy, Friday June 29th 2007

In Erris, protests continue every day at the site of the proposed refinery at Bellanaboy, County Mayo.

Miffed by Miffy

Rabbit at G8
Rabbit No Patents on Life
Rabbit under fence
Miffy on the Beach EF!SG 2006
EF! summer gathering 2007 logo
EF! gathering Miffy
Rabbit with spade
Rabbits in tent
Rabbit with wrenchEF! gathering '07 logo (rabbit/fence)
Rabbit Direct Action Reports

I don't know how it came about but the Miffy rabbit character has for a long time been associated with the Earth First! movement and radical ecological direct action. But do the creators and copyright owners of the character know or approve of Miffy's political activities?...

Undead support campaign against Spanish oil multinational

Last Thursday 14th June in Asturias, Northern Spain I was present at an action where a Zombie Collective came back from the dead to support La Campana Asturiana e Contra el Expolio de las Petroleras and other Spanish solidarity organisations by staging a series of die-ins in a garage forecourt and elsewhere around the city of Gijon.

Rossport 'Shell to Sea' update

Rossport 'Say no to Shell'Friday June 15, 2007

New pipeline routes, court appearances and Garda headlocks.

1) Residents wearing clothes torn by Gardai take a look at the new pipeline route corridors proposed by RPS; 2) Wednesday morning's proceedings in Belmullet district court and; 3) Thursday morning at Bellanaboy.

G8 climate day of action reports - London, Norwich, New Zealand, Bristol, Germany, USA, Nottingham, Portugal, Brasil glued
London: Climate activist 'super-glued to door' of

An environmental activist was so enraged that continue to push ‘short haul’ flights whilst knowing the damage they do to the climate, that she super-glued herself to the front door of the company’s Victoria HQ.

Support pipeline protesters, stop G8 climate criminals!

Pipeline and G8 solidarity protest outside court in Cardiff tomorrow as authorities attempt to evict Brecon anti-pipe tree camp.

Protesters against the monstrous pipeline plowing its way through Wales are in court tomorrow as authorities attempt to evict the 5 month old tree camp in Brecon National Park. This is just one example of how the state is fueling climate change and preventing us from protesting about it. Governments all over the world behave similarly and this week the 8 biggest leaders (G8) are meeting in Germany to make more decisions that will impose on our lives. Whilst many of our friends are in Germany protesting against this undemocratic, centralised source of power we will be protesting outside the court against all governments intruding in our lives and the environment, both locally and globally.

Shramore Five Lock Out Shell in Ireland

Shramore blockade 1"Peaceful my arse you cunt", Supt. Joe Gannon speaks to protest spokeswoman.

On Tuesday morning, June 5th, a team of five protesters and their support crew successfully halted Shells operation in Erris for five hours through the use of "lock-On" arm tubes. The blockade ended with the five being cut loose from each other by the fire brigade and arrested whilst a crowd of around thirty people cheered them on. Shramore is the final stop on the peat haulage route from the site of the proposed gas refinery at Bellanaboy.

Rostock, Global Agricultural day of action

Rostock agriculture demo 2Rostock agriculture demo 1Rostock agriculture demo 3Video Rush of the anti GM March, 03/06/2007; part of the G8 protests - for full coverage, see

Video 20070603_Anti_GM_March - video/x-ms-wmv 11M

Protesters against Bulldozers at Tara (Ireland) - update - more people needed

Tara aerial viewSince Sunday, May 20, protesters are blocking the use of heavy construction machinery at ancient archaeological sites in the Tara-Skryne valley in Co. Meath, Ireland. Construction workers are trying to begin work on the M3 four-lane motorway, although no public decision has yet been given by the Minister for Heritage Dick Roche to commence work. Reports state that the peaceful protesters who sat down in front of the machinery, were in some cases badly manhandled by the construction workers. If the protesters do not succeed in preventing the construction work from beginning, the archaeological sites will be quickly destroyed and the destruction presented to the public as a fait accompli.