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Rossport Solidarity Camp eviction latest

Update on eviction threat to Rossport Solidarity Camp

After over eighteen months of providing a base for activists supporting the local Shell to Sea campaign, the Rossport Solidarity Camp was served notice to quit by Mayo County Council two weeks ago. For the past year and a half the council has accepted the camp's existence without complaint. It seems no coincidence that the council's moves to evict the camp come at a time when Shell has been extensively surveying the estuary that runs alongside the camp in preparation for pipeline development. It is likely that pressure has been applied on the council to evict now to minimize the risk of disruption to the laying of the pipeline.

Iceland camp closes - actions continue - arrest update

Protest Camp Closes but Actions Continue

27 July 2007

Today we wrapped our protest camp at Bringur, Mosfellsheidi, but we are not through with this summers actions.

This means that if you are planning to join us in our fight against heavy industry in Iceland you are not too late. We have plenty of energy left and loads of targets to protest at.

Parnitha fire & protests

Parnitha fire
Parnitha march
Parnitha cops
Protest following earlier marches:

The morning of Sunday 29 July, an intervention was made in Mont Parnes (a casino in ,Mount Parnitha which was recently burned, the same casino which tries to expand to the burned grounds of the mountain): banners where opened , some slogans where shouted and red paint was thrown.

Saving Iceland Blockades Hellisheidi Power Station

Saving Iceland blockaded two roads to Hellisheidi Power Station in Iceland at 7am this morning.

The activists locked on to different vehicles and one climbed a crane on the worksite and unfurled a gigantic banner: "STOP PRODUCING ENERGY FOR WEAPONS"

Tara’s Last Stand?

violence on tara
7 arrests
court case today
urgent help needed click on ´watch revolt footage here`

Tara’s Last Stand?

Saving Iceland Blockades Rio Tinto-Alcan Smelter in Hafnarfjordur

Smelter blockade 24th JulySaving Iceland
Press Release (in Icelandic below)
July 24th, 2007


S.I. Activist Imprisoned by the Icelandic State

Prisoner Solidarity 12Saving Iceland
24 July 2007

The Icelandic government and ALCOA have gained their first political prisoner with their repression of protest against the heavy industry policy.

Rossport Solidarity Camp Face Threat of Eviction

Court Report.

Rossport Solidarity Camp temporarily thwarted Mayo Co. Council’s attempt to secure a permanent injunction at Castlebar Circuit Court today. Judge Harvey Kenny adjourned the case to next Tuesday 31st of July to give members of the camp time to seek legal advice. Mayo County Council was refused an interlocutory injunction against the camp but an interim order was upheld. The council has undertaken to not to act on this order while the case is adjourned.

Iceland actions - Scotland & Iceland

Iceland smelter blockadeSaving Iceland Blockades Century Smelter at Grundartangi

News of Saving Iceland's latest action as part of the Summer of Resistance to the aluminium industry in Iceland.

NATO Defeated by EarthFirst! in the Netherlands

For two years GroenFront! - Dutch & Belgian EarthFirst! - have been fighting with the local community in Schinveld, in the southeast of the country, to preserve a forest that would be destroyed for the sake of the NATO airforce base across the German border. A direct action camp was evicted in January, and 15 acres were destroyed, but 35 acres saved. GroenFront! was preparing to reoccupy the woods awating the final outcome of a legal battle between the local council and national government, but now to great surprise, the protestors have been vindicated and the forests are definitely saved from NATO's bloody claws. On July 18th the Dutch highest administrative court ruled that the logging of Schiveld forest is illegal. This means the ministry of defence cannot continue the logging of the forest as requested by NATO, it also means the logging of the first six hectares in January 2006 was illegal. The forest would need to be destroyed to allow AWACS radar planes to lift off with more fuel in order to fly directly to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Overview of last week's events in Rossport

This summer has seen the Shell to Sea campaign gain increasing momentum as construction of the proposed onshore gas refinery in County Mayo, Ireland begins.

Anticivilization gathering 2007


We have almost fixed the timetable for debates and the workshop.
Welcome and preparing the place for the gathering. First workshops.

European activist gatherings (Ecotopia, Portugal 4-19 Aug & ASEED international activist camp, Bulgaria, 26-29 July)

You are invited to Ecotopia 2007 - Migrations

This year Ecotopia will take place between 4 - 19 August in Aljezur in the south of Portugal.

Ecotopia is a two-week activist camp and an open event for everyone interested in environmental and social justice issues.

Mayo shell site blockaded, later occupied, jailings & solidarity demo

Bellanaboy car blockade13.07.2007

Local Protesters Blockade Shell Construction site in Mayo

A number of Shell to Sea campaigners have established a non-violent blockade of the road leading to the proposed gas refinery site at Bellanaboy. Two protestors are locked on to an immobilized vehicle, preventing access to the site.