Rest of Europe

Rest of Europe

GM Actions in France (13/9/2007)

EXTRACT: many actions... were organised in France this Spring and Summer:

Field clearings, symbolic clearings that deposited GMO plants in front of police stations or Monsanto offices, pollination of GM fields with non-GM pollen, occupation of official plant protection offices, experiments showing the reality of contaminations ...

GM quarantine in Romania

GM decontamination in Romania5 September 2007

How's this for a creative and exciting example of direct action - it's a blockade but with a difference.

Free Julio! No more dams!

Prisoner Solidarity 4Julio Villanueva, member of the group Solidari@s con Itoiz, was arrested on August 17th in Iruñea-Pamplona. He was arrested by the local police ant imprisoned next morning.

Occupation of Shell's proposed refinery site at Bellanaboy & 14 Sept day of action

On Monday 27th August 20 people occupied Shell's proposed refinery site at Bellanaboy, County Mayo

After several weeks of holiday, work has recommenced at the proposed refinery site at Bellanaboy. Maintaining the increased pressure that had been applied to Shell in the weeks before the holiday period, at around 8.30am this morning around 20 people occupied the site. The protestors bypassed security and walked in through the main gate onto the site beside a lorry that was entering. The group made their way to the main area where work was taking place. Shortly after their arrival all work on the site stopped. The protestors took the site occupation as an opportunity to investigate claims that concrete and steel that had been used in the early stages of construction was substandard. Upon questioning (on camera) a senior worker admitted that there were problems with the quality of materials used in the foundations. Aside from problems with a few over officious security and more senior workers, interaction with people working on site was amiable and provided an opportunity for information sharing. After about half an hour three Gardai arrived. Their presence was of little consequence until work on site recommenced at around 11.30. At this point, when some people attempted to block trucks from moving, the Gardai assaulted a female protestor, resulting in cuts on her hands. They also attempted to bundle another protestor into a Garda car even though he had not been arrested. At around 11.45 the protestors made a tactical decision to leave the site en masse. They joined 20 others who were waiting outside. A short while later, when a new truck attempted to enter site, the protestors stopped its entry. The site was blockaded until the Gardaí returned half an hour later. The day was widely viewed as a success.

Movimento Verde Eufémia mows first GM Field in South Portugal

Portugal GM decontamination 1Portugal GM decontamination 2On the 17th of August the “Movimento Verde Eufémia” went into action of civil disobedience, targeting the first transgenic field in the Algarve GMO Free Zone in South Portugal. 65 mowers entered the field and were able to mow a hectare of GM corn in less than 20 minutes. The action received support from a parade of an extra 60 people.

Itoiz Dam - new prisoner

Long term supporters of ELP will be aware of the Itoiz dam action in Spain, where back in the late 1990s anonymous eco-activists sabotaged the construction site of the controversial Itoiz dam causing so much damage the construction was delayed by over a year. One of the things the activists did was cut the cabbles of the machines which took the dam wall blocks to the top of the dam.

4x4s disarmed in the city of Stockholm

Stockholm 4x4 deflating24th August: a newly formed activist group, calling itself The Indians of the Concrete Jungle, has struck repeatedly against SUVs in the centre of Stockholm over the last weeks. Some 300 of those killer machines have so far been temporarily disarmed. The Indians deflate the tyres of the SUVs and leave a letter to the owner on the windscreen, wherein the action is explained (translation attached below). Considerable fury has arisen among the SUV-owners of the city, as evident in the lynch atmosphere in countless comments on the website of the group as well as in various army, car and sports communities on the web. In one incident, an owner chased an Indian for 20 minutes. Three Indians have been nabbed by the police – apparently giving high priority to stemming this crime – and face various criminal charges. However, the group is determined to continue taking direct action against SUVs, as they constitute one of the most provocative and insane sources of unnecessary carbon emissions (insofar as conspicuous consumption of monster vehicles is not deemed a genuine human need).

Tara Valley Ireland Action Stations - actions & callout for 6th/7th; route walk/action videos - 6th Sept update

Tara digger diving 122.08.2007

Cultural Conservationists stop work on Tara valley, Irelands heart of ancient heritage, by M3 Climate Criminals.

call out for a week of direct action at Hill of Tara, Ireland - starts Sat 1st September 2007

Tara digger diving 2Defend Tara now!

World Heritage site under attack

Shit is kicking off down at Tara/Skryne and the Valley of the White Mare, which is part of the ancient complex of TARA.

Rossport Solidarity Camp eviction latest

Update on eviction threat to Rossport Solidarity Camp

After over eighteen months of providing a base for activists supporting the local Shell to Sea campaign, the Rossport Solidarity Camp was served notice to quit by Mayo County Council two weeks ago. For the past year and a half the council has accepted the camp's existence without complaint. It seems no coincidence that the council's moves to evict the camp come at a time when Shell has been extensively surveying the estuary that runs alongside the camp in preparation for pipeline development. It is likely that pressure has been applied on the council to evict now to minimize the risk of disruption to the laying of the pipeline.

Iceland camp closes - actions continue - arrest update

Protest Camp Closes but Actions Continue

27 July 2007

Today we wrapped our protest camp at Bringur, Mosfellsheidi, but we are not through with this summers actions.

This means that if you are planning to join us in our fight against heavy industry in Iceland you are not too late. We have plenty of energy left and loads of targets to protest at.

Parnitha fire & protests

Parnitha fire
Parnitha march
Parnitha cops
Protest following earlier marches:

The morning of Sunday 29 July, an intervention was made in Mont Parnes (a casino in ,Mount Parnitha which was recently burned, the same casino which tries to expand to the burned grounds of the mountain): banners where opened , some slogans where shouted and red paint was thrown.