Rest of Europe

Rest of Europe

Just another manic monday.

Glengad compound invaded and work stopped for over 3 hours. Traffic control out of control.

Protesters continue to frustrate Shell's work 17th Feb

trucks blockedThis last week has been another week of resistance to Shell controversial pipeline, with numerous truck blockades and disruption to workers

Shell to Sea campaigner jailed for 3 months. 14th Feb

Ms Ní Ghraidm pleaded guilty to a Section 8 and 9 charge and refused to do community service as she felt her protest was a service to a community under siege from Shell. The Judge then sentenced Ms Ní Ghraidm to 3 months in jail.

Shell - Idiots at work

Having only just started working on the controversial tunnel, Shell's engineers are already facing significant problems.

As local people always predicted, the doib, an unusual blue/grey mineral soil found under peat bog, is causing issues.

Anti-Surveillance Activists Begin Game to Destroy CCTV Cameras in Germany

The watchful eye of the German surveillance state may need something of a patch soon as a radical group of activists have launched a campaign to destroy as many CCTV surveillance cameras as possible ahead of the 19 February European Police Congress in Berlin.

News from the Hambach Forest: Eviction and resquatting

During the last week a lot has happend. On the 13th of November the police started to evict the camp area near the hole. It took till saturday 17th early in the morning to get out the last people.

Activists interfere with international mining conference in Finland

“There is no such thing as socially and environmentally sustainable mining!”

Today in Espoo, Finland, a meeting of bureaucrats and industrialists  entitled Confe

Evictions and Destruction on the ZAD Airport Protest Site

The ZAD airport protest site in France is still being evicted, a process that started on the 16th October. The zone is gradually being militarised but there are HUGE numbers of protesters and seemingly more every day. We're still fighting and it is not over!


La Zad Re-occupied!

On Saturday, after 3 weeks of evictions, more than 30000 came to re-occupy the ZAD. As soon as the demonstration arrived, 5 pre-assembled structures started to get built: a meeting-room of 80m², a kitchen house, 2 dorms, a toilet and bath block and a workshop.