Mayo farmer to face criminal damage charge over Shell protest

File photo of a caravan painted by campaigners from a 2011 protest 26 July 2013 Gerry Bourke – a farmer from Aughoose in County Mayo – is insisting he has no case to answer after being hit with a criminal damage and trespass charge in

Tanks Move in Around Earth’s Most Threatened Tribe

Brazil’s military has moved in to stop illegal logging around the land of Earth’s most threatened tribe.
© Exército Brasileiro

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ELF target car dealer, Germany

July 17, 2013 - Germany

reported anonymously:

New Blockades in Guangdong, Third Major Protest This Week

Blockade via dumptruck17 July 2013 Authorities in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong have promised to halt production at two factories near Sihui city after demonstrators blocked the gates, clashing with workers in the third mass e

New Tree Sit in Tasmanian Old Growth

15th July Anti-forestry activists have erected a tree sit to halt logging in Tasmania’s far south.

Activists Form Human Pipeline on Flatbush Avenue to Protest Natural Gas Pipeline

Activists say they’re concerned wildlife would be impacted if something went wrong with the pipeline being built in Brooklyn. (July 14, 2013)

Tasmanian Lockdown Halts Work at Mill

13 July 2013 Activists have vowed to continue to target timber processor Ta Ann Tasmania, after two people were arrested for chaining themselves to equipment at its Smithton mill yesterday.

Protest halts Newmont Gold work in NZ

7 July 2013 Protesters have occupied a mining exploration site on conservation land in the Coromandel Peninsula.

Activists Withdraw from Rig after 30-hour Occupation

7 July 2013 Anti-mining activists have withdrawn from a camp out on a Coromandel Peninsula gold drilling rig after occupying the site over 30 hours.

Honduras: Anti-Mining Activists Report Death Threats

5 July 2013 Members of communities opposing open-pit mining in the northern Honduran department of Atlántida have received death threats because of their activitism, according to a June 7 communiqué issued by the

Gardaí frustrated as protests in Mayo continue

30 June 2013 This week has seen large numbers of people continually walking down to Shell's tunneling compound, disrupting work and blocking Shell traffic, and man

Paddlers Charge Silver River, Protesting Expected Cattle Ranch

Paddlers charge the iconic Silver River, protesting Adena Springs Ranch

30 June 2013 Grassfed beef ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Garda violence retaliation against week of action

8 years of intense struggle against Shell continues this week in Erris

25 June 2013 The first direct actions of the Erris struggle against Shell took place 8 years ago when 6 locals were injuncted and then 5 of them jailed for refusing to allow Shell onto their lands.  In the 8 years that have passed there have been countless direct actions, dozens of arrests, about two dozen jailings and hundreds of people attacked by Garda or Shell's security company IR

Charges Dropped Against Honduras Dam Opponent

Members of COPINH, an indigenous campesino movement defending lands and rivers in Honduras against dams and other threats