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Cornish Minibus to Climate Camp

We are organising a minibus to get people to the Climate Camp from Cornwall.

Details (including costs) are still being sorted out but if you are interested in going to the camp and would like to possibly come on the minibus, please contact me.

Dig for victory ~ Climate Camp

Help make Climate Camp sustainable

In an attempt to help ensure that the Climate Camp is as sustainable as possible the Gathering of Organic Growers (GOG) has secured a parcel of land to grow organic food for the Climate camp.

Block the Builders target contractors again

Block the Builders May 1
Block the Builders May 2

This morning nonviolent direct action group Block the Builders took their protest against the controversial Orion laser facility to the doors of the cement factory supplying materials for foundations of new facilities at AWE Aldermaston.

Action stepped up at Sharp Hill

Sharp Hill 1


The campaign to save Sharp Hill is stepping up this weekend with live music and a fresh call for support.

A group of activists - with strong support from the community - have been camping at the site near Edwalton for two weeks in protest against Rushcliffe Borough Council's plan to build 1200 houses.

Support to 4 Spanish NATO train blockaders on trial

Spanish military train blockade

On Thursday may 11th at 11.30 am four antimilitarist activists will be on trial for a military train blockade in fall 2004. The public prosecutor asks for a sentence of one year’s imprisonment, while the activist’s lawyer pleads for acquittal. The trial has been postponed already two times, the last one because of the absence of the witnesses (4 policemen) for the prosecution without giving any reason.

Korean farmers and supporters defy brutal eviction for U.S. base expansion (Daechuri)

Daechuri police march in

May 4th, 2006 at 5:00am, the Korean Ministry of National Defense (MND) made its fourth attempt to occupy the villages of Daechuri and Doduri and crush the resistance to U.S. military base expansion. This time, they came with 12,000 riot police, 1,500 plain-clothes hired 'workers', who are notorious, right wing ex-military strike breakers, and 3,000 Korean soldiers and army engineers.

World second-largest mining company AGM disrupted

Anglo American’s Annual General Meeting was disrupted yesturday (April 25th) by campaigners in solidarity with Indigenous Communities resisting mining in the Sierra Perrija, Zulia. The campaigners demand that Anglo American withdraw their shares in the company Carbones del Guasare that has plans for expanding mining in the region

Join the Clown Army training 25th April & 2nd May in Nottingham

Roll up roll up... prepare to run away from the circus and join the CIRCA. The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army are in Nottingham (see  http://www.clownarmy.org for more info if you have missed clownish escapades so far).

Greenpeace board and brand pirate ship in Las Palmas

Greenpeace Stolen Fish


Las Palmas, Spain — Activists from the Esperanza have climbed on board an illegal cargo vessel full of fish stolen from Guinean waters. Greenpeace and the Environmental Justice Foundation tailed the "Binar 4" for six days, as it sailed from West Africa to dump its pirate catch on the European market.

Korean Farmers Attacked for US Base Expansion

Daechuri 1

April 7th, 6,000 riot police and 700 hired thugs attacked the Autonomous Peace Village of Daechuri. They succeeded in destroying the irrigation system, making farming a near impossibility. 40 protesters were arrested, 30 were injured, 5 of those seriously.

Close Down Styal Prison! 8th April demo

Close Styal Prison demo flier

Demo - Styal Prison 1.30pm to 4.30pm

Demonstration opposing the plans to expand Styal Prison to make it the largest women's prison and calling for its closure.

Bhopal disaster protesters arrested (over 200)& beaten

Bhopal march logo

New Delhi 28 March 2006: Frustrated by the Prime Minster’s reluctance to grant an appointment to Bhopal Gas Survivors who have marched 800 kms from Bhopal to New Delhi, more than 400 victims of American multinational Union Carbides poison have occupied the pavement outside the Ministry of Chemicals in New Delhi today amidst intense police security. The police resorted to use of force upon women and children, without concern whatsoever in order to move them out of the Shashtri Bhawan premises withouit any provocation from the protestors. Two women, Bano Bee 55 and Ashraf Bee 75, fell unconcsious after the police violence. (Four women are in hospital, see our March to Delhi blog for the latest news and updates.)