Bath - arson at car showroom

8th of January - incendiary device on delay left at Kia car showroom, Lower Bristol Road, Bath. Damage to the building facade. A brand new 4-x-4 and three cars also consumed by the flames. A direct attack on exploitative manufacturing industries who profit from choking our world, who also make status symbols for our class enemies.

Bombing against Bristol office of Vinci, Life Sciences Centre constructors

We think that anyone serious about confronting domination as it stands today will sooner or later come to the questions of science and technology. It's clear how both have an increasingly vital role to the ruling order by creating, managing and spreading control within society and over the rest of an earth we're falsely separated from.

Stop the Arms Fair/DSEI

A massive arms fair is planned to take place in the UK in September 2013. The arms fair welcomes:

Activist Group Black Fish Using Drones to Defend the Ocean from Driftnets

On a warm night in July 2012, off the island of Ugljan in the

Manual for Sabotaging Wolf Hunts Released

“And in that case, we choose to be saboteurs for the wild.”

The following text is from a press release of the Earth First! Media office, which provides correspondence to news outlets around the world.

Arson against police training building and attack of security services vehicles

The (under construction) Police Firearms Training Centre in Black Rock Quarry, Portishead, situated directly beneath the Avon and Somerset Police regional headquarters was our target on the night of 26th August, and we left it with flames licking high. The facility is intended to serve forces across the South West.

Message To Supporters From Imprisoned Anarchist Hacker Jeremy Hammond

Originally Published August 20, 2013

Rebel greeting!

I hope this evening finds you all in the best of health and highest of spirit. Thanks for coming out to show support for me and Barrett Brown.

Mayo farmer to face criminal damage charge over Shell protest

File photo of a caravan painted by campaigners from a 2011 protest 26 July 2013 Gerry Bourke – a farmer from Aughoose in County Mayo – is insisting he has no case to answer after being hit with a criminal damage and trespass charge in

Tanks Move in Around Earth’s Most Threatened Tribe

Brazil’s military has moved in to stop illegal logging around the land of Earth’s most threatened tribe.
© Exército Brasileiro

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ELF target car dealer, Germany

July 17, 2013 - Germany

reported anonymously: