how to make lock-ons (lessons from Faslane 365)

The basic principle of a lock-on is to lock yourself onto something so that you cannot be easily physically removed. That something can be another person or something fixed. The best way is with a climbing carabina and a chain or rope around your wrist. The important thing is to make it very difficult for the police or whoever to cut your lock-on off. Thats where the fun part comes in, covering that lock-on to make it very difficult to get to, thus delaying the authorities and making your blockade as successful as possible. They will possibly have access to specialist equipment.

Pipeline camp at Trebanos decides to close, Milford Haven camp continues, & more to come

pipeline protests respect wishes of landowner , to protect her from bullying police and national grid officials....

after continued harrassment and bullying from the police and national grid, the 68 year old lady on whose land the trebanos pipeline protest was on has aked protestors to leave. she was informed by her legal representative that she still risked a £60k fine and possible arrest, although we are still unsure as to how serious the danger of this happening to her was.

Ten Reasons to Block LNG in Wales, contractors address & First victory for Trebanos protestors

Corporate greed and mindless materialism threaten to destroy the planet. Act now

Ten reasons to join the protest at Milford Haven LNG

1. The supposed justification for this facility is that we need a secure source of energy when we run out of our own. When is this projected need going to exist? We have just received a pipeline from the huge stocks of Norway. We have so much gas we haven’t got room to store it.

Radford Mill organic farm squatted

Hi folks,latest update from radford mill farm is that despite repeated attempts at negotiation with Richard Fox, the landlord, we have been forced by his behaviour to occupy the farm on a squatting basis. We were trying to negotiate a new wave of help for the place and save it as an organic farm and eco project.

Safe Haven Pipeline Demo update & contact details

Trebanos camp 318.11.2006

since thursday a group protesting about lack of safety regulations and public consultation have been blocking the laying of the pipeline right next to the LNG constryction site - they are digging in for the long haul!

Stop the pipeline! info flyer + events this week (& second camp started)

Trebanos pipeline 1Stop the Pipeline!!
Land and homes across Wales are currently being destroyed for a huge, unsafe gas pipeline. Is this the best way to tackle climate change?

Please Email, Phone or Write Today In Support Of Tortured Filipino Anarchists

Please take a minute to email, phone, fax, or write in support of The Sagada 11, young anarchists falsely accused of a Maoist guerilla attack and tortured in The Philippines. Today, November 17th is an international action day for them! A sample letter and contact details for officials follow this short description of the background to the case...

Wellbeing@Climate Camp

The WELLBEING SPACE @ the Climate Camp
- Analysis and Experiences -
By Activist Trauma Support and the Wellbeing Group at the Climate Camp

Northern Eco-action gathering

power station drawing
wind turbines drawing

You are cordially invited to the NORTHERN ECO-ACTION GATHERING taking place on Saturday 11 November from 10.30-6pm in the BRADFORD RESOURCE CENTRE followed by food and socialising in the 1 in 12 social centre. For practical details see below and check our website http://www.eco-action.org/northern/

Climate Chaos Camp - Trebanos

Trebanos pipeline 212.11.2006

Campaigners get together in protest on Climate Change and Enviromental Rape by National Quid


On Friday, November 3rd, about a dozen people visited the Philippines embassy in Kensington Palace Gardens to highlight the case of the Sagada 11.

These are 11 young Filipinos involved in projects such as Food not Bombs and Earth First! and aged between 15-25, who were arrested on February 14th this year whilst hitchhiking to the Sagada mountains area to go hiking. They were brutally arrested without a warrant, taken to the station and tortured, and only found out later that they were being charged with involvement in a communist guerrilla attack on a military outpost a few days before.

Bristol alt media is back with Bristle 23

We’re not looking for a new England
But we are fighting for another world

Issue 23 of Bristle magazine is out now, sticking it’s size 10’s (and 9’s, 7’s, 5’s…) into the nationalism & identity issues with a special feature.