Protests at Irish embassy in London against Shell's hell in north west Ireland

Irish embassy Shell protest30.01.2007

At midday today, while a samba band played below, a man who wished to be known as "G" climed the Irish embassy. This was in protest over the Irish governments collusioin with Shell's activities in North West Ireland where they are constructing a pipeline and refinery. Many campaigners claim this pipeline and refinery pose as serious environmental risk. While there have been widespread protests in Ireland itself many claim that the government of Ireland has given Shell suspiciously favourable business terms on the deal. "G" was arrested for on suspicion of criminal damage though there was no damage visible from ground level. For further details see the corporate watch website.

Colombian farmers evicted by British mining companies

Representatives of African-Colombian and Indigenous families evicted from their land in the province of La Guajira, Colombia to make way for a massive opencast coal mine will speak in London on Monday 29th January, 6.30pm-8.30pm at The Human Rights Action Centre, 17-25 New Inn Yard, London EC2.

3 protesters arrested at supermaket blockade (for Welsh language)

Welsh supermarket blockadeMorrisons supermarket was blockaded by protesters and three members of the Welsh Language Society were arrested today (Saturday 27 January) as part of the continuing campaign for a law ensuring rights to use Welsh

Protests continue at Trebanos

Pipe protest on footpath26.01.2007

At 2.00 pm today a group of campaigners against the controversial LNG pipeline forced work to stop yet again on the construction site in Trebanos.


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What this course is and is not:
This is a 24-hour street medic training. We will cover the majority of the basic information and skills you will need to provide first aid at protests and direct actions.

Welsh pipeline protest - New tree camp set up near Brecon


Following support from local people in Brecon at the weekend, a new protest camp has been set up right in the middle of the phase two route of National Grids controversial pipeline.

Bloody report from Ballinaboy/ Rossport, Ireland

Rossport Day 108Friday 19th January 2007.
Today a good crowd of protestors gathered at the usual rendezvous, approx 60+ people. The crowd was buoyed by the presence of a member of Global Community Monitor, over from the states, and a film crew travelling with him. At 7.30 people proceeded up the road, some wearing white jump suits with chemical contaminants inscribed on the front, poisons which the Ballinaboy terminal would pollute the local area, fresh water and sea with. The crowd was lead with a large banner reading Corrib Terminal Illness.

Pipeline protests gather strength

Pipeline flier15.01.2007

Active opposition is underway against the South Wales LNG pipeline in three separate locations. Objections to National Grid's controversial project are spurred by lack of consulation, safety fears, environmenal issues and climate change concerns. Protests grow stronger day by day, supported by long term campaigning, creating a spirited and unified resistance.

Activist Mediation Network Launched!!!!!

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Bedminster subvert

Blair arms deals subvertCampaigners in Bristol have altered a ‘benefit cheats’ billboard so the original message targeting people working illegally while on benefit, now highlights the governments decision to halt an inquiry into a corrupt arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

Stick this in your Pipe and smoke it - Latest updates on South Wales anti-LNG pipeline campaign.

Pipeline placards on demo11.01.2007

Today a rolling blockade by local activists stops work.
Work stopped by protesters for the fourth day.

GAGGED! #15 - South Wales Anarchist Newsletter

GAGGED! #15 Jan/Feb 07 anti-copyright
South Wales Anarchist Newsletter • southwalesanarchists.org • PO Box 70, Newport NP20 5XX
Much prettier here (with pics etc) on pdf -  http://lists.riseup.net/www/d_read/gagged/gagged15.pdf

New camp set up on route of National Grid’s monster gas pipeline in Wales


Yesterday (Monday 8th) a small camp was set-up across a public footpath (in trebanos, wales) when construction workers tried to resume work on the gas pipe line. People are also occupying the pipe, and all work has been stopped. The camp cannot be removed as it has been set-up on a public footpath. We need people URGENTLY, to support the small camp, do direct actions on other consturction work, occupy pipes, and to be part of future plans to fight the pipe across wales.

activists lock down Alcoas' London offices

Alcoa graffiti
Alcoa London lockedLate on New Years Day activists targeted 2 Alcoa front companies, (Kawneer in central London and ASA in North London.) Both companies had their front access doors locked shut with D-locks and chains, and were left grafitti messages that they should leave Iceland straight away.