Eric McDavid Update - 1/13/10

Dear friends,

Today marks the fourth year of Eric's incarceration. These are not the kind of milestones we would like to be writing about to you. While other people have been celebrating the New Year, we have been incredibly conscious of the passage of time in an entirely different way. For four years, New Years has served as a reminder to us – as it probably does to millions of others - of how long we have been separated from our loved one. While others are celebrating new beginnings, we are faced with the reality that, so far, there has been no new beginning as far as Eric's physical freedom is concerned. Some things remain painfully the same. Eric is still locked away by the state.

Sabotage at Broken Cross Open Cast Coal Mine (Mainshill Solidarity Action)

In the early hours of the 25th December, a group of autonomous activists delivered their Christmas present to Scottish Coal. Four machines were sabotaged at the Broken Cross open cast site, the largest of its type in Europe, just 5 miles from Mainshill Solidarity Camp.

Cowley Club Bookshop Talks 2010

The Cowley Bookshop Collective are proud to present a series of author talks for 2010:

All events run from 16.00 to 18.30 and are FREE

Friday 8 January

Clive Bloom (Violent London) talks about his research into Edwardian anarchism.

ELF Attacks Carso Cement Company in Mexico State

"On the night of November 18, we again attacked the enterprise CARSO in the state of Mexico. This time we saw that a wide hose coming out of the cement business was further contaminating the canal. The toxic waste of civilization completely destroys biodivesity, creating illness and additionally, these destroyers of the land push to the edge the last that remains of wild nature.

Buy Nothing Day (Bristol, Birmingham, Falmouth, Leeds, Lincoln, Sheffield...) - Steal Something Day (everywhere)

Bristol: To buy, or not to buy...

Saturday November 28th is Buy Nothing Day (UK). It's a day where you challenge yourself, your family and friends to switch off from shopping and tune into life. The rules are simple, for 24 hours you will detox from shopping and anyone can take part provided they spend a day without spending!

Scottish Activist Legal Project launched for weekend of protests

The Scottish Activist Legal Project formed in October 2009. It draws on the experience people have of providing legal support for direct action at Faslane, the G8 2005 and many other situations.

No New Nuclear. Planning to win - updated details

Time to get organised and stop the new generation of nuclear power stations.

11am Saturday 21st until 4pm Sunday 22nd November 2009

The weekend will be a space for grassroots campaigners to network, share ideas and information and make plans to win.

Kernow Action Now!: New EF! style group in Cornwall

Kernow Action Now! (KAN!) is a new Cornwall-based activist group. KAN! supports, promotes and encourages all forms of direct action that aim to confront, stop and eventually reverse the destruction of our communities and our planet. We oppose all forms of oppression including racism, sexism and homophobia.