Interview with Eco-Anarchist Prisoner Daniel McGowan

Daniel McGowan was one of many rounded up in late 2005 and charged with eco-terrorism charges in what has become known as the Green Scare in the US; a co-ordinated FBI attack on several groups of people formerly or currently involved in ecological and animal rights direct action. Several defendants co-operated or agreed to testify against each other, however Daniel and a handful of others refused to implicate others. He was sentenced to 7 years in 2007. Read more about his case or how to support him at http://www.supportdaniel.org.

Lammas Ecovillage, Wales gets Planning Approval (finally!)

Today the Lammas group won planning permission for their ecovillage project.

Irish climate camp & actions round-up

Peat power worse than coal for CO2 emissions

Climate Camp is up and running at Shannonbridge, Co.Offaly - started Saturday 15th August and goes on till Sunday 23rd August.

China villagers storm lead plant

17 August 2009
At least 600 children have excessive amounts of lead in their blood

Hundreds of Chinese villagers have broken into a factory that poisoned more than 600 children, reports say.

Villagers tore down fencing and smashed coal trucks at the lead smelting factory in Shaanxi Province.

ELF Torches Development Water Truck in Mexico

Earth Liberation Front Torches Development Water Truck in Mexico

In the clandestine darkness, on a tranquil and hot night, we assembled our dream with gasoline that would soon be fire.

We walk under the ghosts of the trees already destroyed, only our breathing and steps we could hear. During this night, everything went well.

Latest EF! Action Update bursts forth

Car tyres deflate in the night, diggers halted in their tracks, buildings and MPs covered in slime...airports plagued by crazy golf, picnics, city gents and hostage-taking...eco-villages and other autonomous spaces sprout, as others are under threat...tree-sits, banks evicted, fake phone-masts and whaling ships sunk....it must be time for another Earth First! Action Update, bringing you a concentrated quarterly blast of inspiration and contacts to get out there and take direct action against the bastards threatening this planet and its inhabitants.

News from the front-lines - permanent protest camps old and new, and temporary gatherings in a field near you, all the dates and info you need for a summer of blistering action and torrential outpourings!

Successes here, across the pond and round the very other side of the world.

Daring Action Gets Supplies To Vestas Workers Occupation

A group of twenty people successfully brought vital supplies into the Vestas wind turbine factory on the Isle of Wight this afternoon, to the whoops and cheers of the occupying workers.

Save Vestas - Defend Jobs, Save the Planet - Support the Occupation - UPDATE below: arrests, cops starving them out...

Workers at the Vestas Wind Turbine factory on the Isle of Wight have JUST NOW occupied their factory. They are fighting for 600 jobs and the future of the planet. They need help now.