Pitched battles over open refuse dump outside Athens

8th July

Pitched battles between locals of Grammatico, outside Athens, and riot police forces over the construction of an open refuse damp with locals digging trenches, building barricades and torching bulldozers; scores have been wounded as battles continue amidst spreading fires.

Stop Incineration Now Network callout for INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION against Incineration & Nuclear Power

Stop Incineration Now Network callout for INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION against Incineration & Nuclear Power - Stop Incineration Now callout for an international Day of Action against Incineration and Nuclear Power on the 11 of July 2009 .We are meeting locally in Brighton at the LEVEL AT 12 NOON AND THE ACTION WILL BE FAMILY FREINDLY.We want to make public the link between Incineration and Inciner

Activists strike at Chorlton Tesco, Manchester

Manchester residents concerned about the presence of a Tesco store in Chorlton covered the shop in a hard hitting message to locals and the company late last night. They sprayed “Tesco is a virus” and “Tesco destroys places” in large letters across the front of the business.

Rossport: A Tripod, A Lock-On And A Compound Infiltration

Sunday June 28th saw the most intense burst of direct action against Shell in Erris so far in this phase of the campaign to thwart the Great Gas Robbery and the destruction of Erris along with its community.

Maya Villagers Burn Mine Equipment

A group of Mayan Mam villagers torched the equipment of a company attempting to set up a mine on their land without permission on June 12.

Solitaire Arrives in Rossport

The Solitaire, the huge pip laying ship, that will lay the pipeline in Broadhaven Bay has arrived. If you were thinking of coming to Rossport this summer now is the time. Resistance continues whilst 200 Gardai and the Irish Navy are drafted in to facilitate Shell's project.

Solitaire on the horizon,more arrests - the resistance continues - Solidarity!

Peru Mine Blockade Enters 10th Day

Attracting less attention in light of the full-fledged uprising that has consumed Peru’s Amazon region for 70 days, a mine blockade is ongoing in the country’s highlands.

Peru Indigenous Holding Strong in Standoff

June 3rd 2009
A massive indigenous mobilization in the Peruvian Amazon is nearing its second month, with no sign that the native protesters will allow themselves to be intimidated into giving up on their demands.

Anti-Shell actions at Rossport, Eire

2nd June 2009

Rossport: Causeway at Shell compound 'washed away' by Shell to Sea action