Faslane Peace Camp - End of an Era

Faslane Peace Camp, situated outside the gates of the Faslane Naval Base and its Trident nuclear submarines, has been a permanent protest camp since 1982, but is now to close down. The decision was made last weekend during the 24th birthday gathering, with closure planned for 25th birthday in June 2007. Activists reckon that the static camp is no longer the best tactic – mainly because of police surveillance and problems with residents - with plans to move towards a range of actions, some open, some not, linking up with the broader movement of other anti-authoritarian and peace groups. But the process of clearing the site, and discussing how to move forward will take the following year. The first event will be a clean-up bonfire on June 23rd, and then an ‘Independence From The Peace Camp’ weekend of clearing with discussions over the weekend of July 1-4th 2006. This will all culminate in a 25th birthday weekend gathering of tatting down and organising from June 9th 2007.

Rossport Solidarity Camp Gathering

Rossport anti-Shell T shirt
Rossport morning circle

On the weekend of the 2nd to 5th of June the gorgeous weather enabled one hundred and fifty people to enjoy the beach location and stunning landscape of the gathering at Rossport Solidarity Camp. Many people took pleasure in being able to cool off in the sea. The gathering was well attended by interested individuals and groups from all over the country, Cork, Dublin, Mayo, Westmeath, Roscommon, Galway, Derry, as well as people from Britain. Workshops were inspirationally opened by one from Jose Sagarnaga from the Bolivia Solidarity Campaign and successfully linked global struggles and stories of success from other cultures with the campaign to defend Erris from Shell. The issue of privatisation of natural resources was discussed and debated in a forum which was addressed both by Jose and by Maura Harrington of Shell to Sea.


London Rising Tide brought to life the image used to publicise its Art Not Oil 2006 exhibition outside the National Portrait Gallery (NPG) on the night of the ceremony for the BP Portrait Award. The Nick Turner image is a petroleum-based version of the iconic Vietnam photograph depicting a brutal assassination, this time with a nozzle replacing the gun, and with the action taking place in front of a BP logo. It took on three dimensions outside the gallery as a simple, powerful way to convey the murderous impact of BP and the entire oil industry, an impact that is brilliantly obscured by cultural

Direct Action info + planning night in Sheffield 22nd June

Oh, the long summer stretches ahead of you, weeks and weeks of hot days and nothing but Big Brother on tv. If only there was something better to do with your summer... something effective, positive and fun.... something like DIRECT ACTION.

Camp for Climate Action - London Neighbourhood Meeting, 20th June

Tuesday, 20 June, 7.00 PM @ The Square (20-22 Russell Square, WC1)

Summer's here, the weather's hotting up, and the Climate Camp is drawing nearer. If you're from London and thinking about going to the camp, now is the time to find out more and get involved!

London's world naked bike ride yesterday (& Brighton, York and Manchester)

World Naked Bike Ride 06 London 1
World Naked Bike Ride 06 London 2

between 600 and 1000 people took part in the naked bike ride protest yesterday afternoon in the blazing sunshine. meeting up at wellington arch from around midday, it soon became clear this travelling naked protest against the dominance of car culture and oil dependency was going to be something extraordinary.

Baku pipeline first tanker demo, BP HQ

Baku pipeline BP HQ tanker demo

Protestors demonstrated and handed out leaflets outside BP's St James Square London HQ to mark the departure of the first tanker from the Ceyhan terminal on Friday, May 26, 2006.


london climate camp flier

Climate change will transform life on Earth without action now. We are currently on course for a 3C degree rise in temperature, which is likely to mean the deaths of 400 million of the world's poorest people, and a social crisis that will engulf us all. And still the insane machine rumbles on: political clichés about sustainable growth, full steam ahead for nuclear power, the new Airbus, civil war in Iraq, the gridlocked motorways rumbling towards oil depletion…

massive climate chaos direct action - Reclaim Power, 31st August

Reclaim Power flier front

Visualise Industrial Collapse

Governments can't deal with the challenge!
Climate change is the greatest threat to ever face humanity and its happening now. Governments and big business dream of continued economic growth so won't deal with the crises. What we really need is a fundamental shift in the way we live - AWAY from consumer society, continued economic growth and power concentrated in the hands of the few. TOWARDS locally based, grassroots, community solutions.

26 May Protest BP's launch of Baku pipeline - 1,000 miles of human rights abuses, ecological destruction & climate chaos

Spoil BP's BTC party - 5pm Friday 26 May 2006 - outside BP's HQ - St James Square, SW1Y

BTC pipeline cops break demo
Azerbaijan: Cops break up a demo against the regime

Shell AGM: feedback from within the antiseptic portals of the Novotel H'smith

Shell neon

Here's a report from a London Rising Tider with a single Shell share, who went into its Annual General Meeting, while others stayed outside to leaflet shareholders and passers-by. The main meeting took place in The Hague, with a video feed to London, or the Novotel Hammersmith, to be precise.

Cornish Minibus to Climate Camp

We are organising a minibus to get people to the Climate Camp from Cornwall.

Details (including costs) are still being sorted out but if you are interested in going to the camp and would like to possibly come on the minibus, please contact me.