Rossport Solidarity Picket, Salford Quays


Saturday 18th November, around 20 activists, including the Rhythms of Resistance samba band went to picket the Shell garage at Salford Quays. Whilst the band played, the rest of us leafletted drivers as they arrived and where possible spoke to them. The site of the band made it all the easier to do so and most were prepared to talk too.

Northern Eco-action gathering

power station drawing
wind turbines drawing

You are cordially invited to the NORTHERN ECO-ACTION GATHERING taking place on Saturday 11 November from 10.30-6pm in the BRADFORD RESOURCE CENTRE followed by food and socialising in the 1 in 12 social centre. For practical details see below and check our website http://www.eco-action.org/northern/

Shell petrol station blockaded in Edinburgh

12 Nov 2006

11 years ago 9 activists were killed by the Nigerian state for protesting against the Shell Oil and Gas developments in the Niger Delta. Human rights abuses and environmental destruction are still being perpetrated by Shell in their persuit of profit all around the world. In County Mayo, Ireland, Shell are threatening the lives of the community of Rossport with the construction of their dangerous high pressure gas pipeline. Yesterday activists from Scotland joined friends who came over from Ireland to shut down a Shell petrol station in Edinburgh to show our disgust at this companies behaviour and to show solidarity with the people of Ireland and Nigeria.

11th anniversary of Ken Saro-Wiwa murder marked in London


Having attended the unveiling of the first of two creations commissioned by Remember Saro-Wiwa (see www.remembersarowiwa.com), London Rising Tiders headed across town to the Natural History Museum, to keep Saro-Wiwa's memory alive in a slightly more confrontational fashion inside the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.

Shell Disrupted & Protested Again in Reading

Inspired by last weeks action, and by the struggles of the people of Rossport and Niger, activists have again targetted Shell with protest and direct-action in Reading.

November 10th is the eleventh anniversary of the execution of Ken Saro Wiwa and eight other Ogoni anti-Shell activists by the Nigerian state, for campaigning against the devastation of their home in the Niger Delta by oil companies Shell and Chevron.

shell garage closed twice by protest in london


the old street shell petrol garage in london was closed down twice yesterday evening by protestors highlighting shell's repression of local people in county mayo, ireland, and linking it to the 11th anniversary of the murder of the ogoni 9 in nigeria, where shell is proven to have been involved in the killing of ken saro-wiwa.

Shell to Sea activists disrupt Dempsey at oil bosses conference


Activists from Dublin Shell to Sea disrupted the "Exploring Atlantic Ireland" conference in the Burlington Hotel this morning as Minister for the giveaway of Natural Resources Noel Dempsey was on stage giving his speech.

Photos from Nottingham Shell Action


There was a large turn out for the blockade of a Shell petrol station in Nottingham, in solidarity with people opressed by Shell everywhere. The blockade was successful in terms of shutting down the petrol station, unfortunatly as mentioned already on indymedia one of the protestors was ran over by a 4x4 driver and has been taken to hospital, hopefully someone will post an update on his condition later.

Rossport Solidarity Meeting 2nd Nov and Pics from demo 26th Oct

Around 20 people took part in a lunchtime demonstration outside Manchester Business School in solidarity with the people of Rossport, Co Mayo, Ireland. In Ireland, like in Nigeria , South Africa and other places, Shell Oil is using the powers of the state to ride rough shod over the local people's resistance to their destruction of local communities and environments.

Bristol Chapter of Westside Neighbourhood Occupy Shell Garage & veg oil actions

Against Shell and in Solidarity with Rossport

At a shell garage on the main commuter route in and out of Bristol, activists occupied a shell service station, against Shell's contribution to climate and in solidarity with Rossport

Rossport Solidarity demo, Manchester Business School, Oct 26th

Picket of Manchester Busines School called for Thursday 26th Oct - 11.30 - 2pm. Calling for the MBS to have Shell removed from their list of sponsors, unless Shell ceases its attempts to destroy the environment in Rossport, Co Mayo, Ireland.