Protest against BP - This Saturday 26/06 1pm at Tottenham Hale BP Garage, London

Against climate crimes in the name of profit and in solidarity with workers exploited by giant corporation BP, come and protest this Saturday 26 June, 1pm at Tottenham Hale BP garage.

Haringey Solidarity Group have organised a protest against giant corporation BP this Saturday 26 June, from 1pm at Tottenham Hale BP Garage (map here: http://tiny.cc/28p38)

Oil execs gather - we besiege ( + video link)

As oil executives gathered at a London hotel for their annual strategising conference on Monday 21st June, up to 200 climate activists crossed the river from BP-sponsored Tate Modern to converge on the front entrance with a samba band and a giant p

party at the pumps

15 May 2010
The shell garage on upper street in islington was closed for several hours this afternoon by more than a hundred protestors.

BP hit by tar sands protests in London, Brighton, Oxford and Cambridge

Saturday April 10th
BP hit by tar sands protests in London, Brighton, Oxford and Cambridge

Oil company targeted by nationwide protests in advance of crucial AGM vote

Protesters demand BP pulls out of “the most destructive project on Earth” - the Canadian tar sands

BP shut down in Plymouth over Tar Sands oil

On Thursday 8 April, Plymouth Rising Tide and Kernow Anarchist Network blockaded the BP garage in Ridgeway, Plymouth, to highlight the environmental destruction caused by the Tar Sands project. The garage was closed for an hour and two activists who were locked onto petrol pumps were arrested.

Shell apologises

Shell Apologises for Human Rights Violations in Niger Delta

The Hague, 27 March 2010

Today, Royal Dutch Shell is holding back the tears no more. Shell apologises to all inhabitants of Nigeria’s Niger Delta for the many years of human rights violations, for which Shell takes full responsibility.


Save the date!
Saturday, 10th April. 1PM. London.

Join us at a secret London location for an afternoon of sun, sound systems and subversion. Make sure BP knows that they won’t go into the tar sands without a fight. Meeting point and more details to be announced nearer the time, and keep an eye on:

Another Shell recruitment event disrupted

Corporate sleaze-merchants trying to recruit graduates in Oxford got another rough ride at the hands of local activists.

This evening, at the University's Ashmolean museum, the oil multinational Shell attempted to hold a talk on 'The Challenges of the Future' and how bright young graduates can help. We had other ideas...