Come up to Rossport! Shell Starts Work on onshore pipeline

22nd July 2011

Shell have brought a digger and a port-a-cabin into the existing temporary compound in Aughoose. This is in preparation to start building a permanent compound in Aughoose from which they hope to start digging the tunnel for the pipeline which will connect Ballinaboy refinery to the 70 kms of offshore pipeline. They will come in full force on Monday 25th July, please come up to Mayo and show your support! A mass day of action is planned for Friday 29th July, but come up any time.

Rossport Direct Action Training Weekend - 25-26 June

Come up for a weekend of direct action training, meet the community and see this incredible place.

If you came up for the Party Against the Pipe festival, this is a great chance to get more involved in the campaign.

Do You Remember Fairmile?

Join the Silent Victories Bike Ride.

Silent Victories is a free 10 day long bike ride around the South West of England from the 1st -10th July that will visit places saved by direct action and analyse wider political questions around what makes social change.


1 June 2011

- Six nozzles cut and taken away from the pumps
- Self-service booth sealed with liquid metal
- Retail shop set on fire using two five-litre jerrycans of napalm
- Banner left, 'ENI - by wars and environmental disasters, they profit (A)'

Shell to Sea campaigners target Shell executives in Ireland

The folks in suits finally got a taste of the conflict they've been orchestrating in Co. Mayo, Ireland for the past decade.

Sunday stroll through RBS' HQ and other climate camp actions so far - updated

For the latest action & other news from the Camp for Climate Action, read their twitter.

Mid Sunday afternoon (22.8.10), 100s of people attempted to stroll over the bridge from the Climate Camp to the HQ of RBS. Police tried to stop them.

Trashing, dashing, bashing, mashing: the new EF! Action Update

So what have you been up to the last few months? Just hanging around?
Maybe you've been part of human wheel-clamping aeroplanes, climbing up scaffolding tripods inconveniently placed in the road, smashing machines at open-cast mines, playing nuked-dead in the street, kayaking against borehole drill rigs in Ireland, burning mobile phone masts, resisting Tesco, camping against trashing of woodland, with some success at Titnore (& other protest camp updates), or getting in on BP's act, spilling oil in public places.

Or have you been on holiday, taking part in indigenous blockades against logging, dams and mining, spilunking against high speed trains, slashing tuna cages, blockading Monsanto HQ, trashing GM fields, and more?