2 anti-nuke protests against new build plans

Anti-nuclear activists disrupt Parliamentary Select Committee

Rapid Technology Transfer Group to take over the Earth Centre

A campaign has been running to reclaim the earth centre in doncaster as a community skill share centre. It has come to light that the local council and a conglomorate of many multinationals has been planning a take over. They deal in chemicals, construction, nuclear, engineering, audiovisual, 3D tech, aerospace, defense and a whole lot more.

North Somerset power lines protesters in 'Save our Valley' demonstration

Placard-waving protesters chanting 'Save our Valley' held a demonstration outside a public exhibition detailing plans to put towering pylons through the North Somerset countryside.

Come to the Peace News Winter Gathering, 15-17 January

Join people from across the spectrum of the British peace movement for a weekend of exploration, celebration and empowerment - learning from other movements, struggling with challenging issues, and creating greater cohesion and solidarity in a segmented peace movement.

No New Nuclear. Planning to win - updated details

Time to get organised and stop the new generation of nuclear power stations.

11am Saturday 21st until 4pm Sunday 22nd November 2009

The weekend will be a space for grassroots campaigners to network, share ideas and information and make plans to win.

Nuclear New Build Blessed by Bishop of Cumbria

The Bishop of Carlisle ( which includes all of Cumbria) has given his blessing to the "green future" of nuclear new build.

We will be in Carlisle on 10th Oct to witness his inauguration at the Cathedral and make clear that nuclear is as far away from a green future as it is possible to get.

Remember the story of Turning the tables over in the Temple at defunct moral compass ?

German anti-nuclear protests heat up ahead of 21 September election

About one thousand Castor caskets full of nuclear waste are produced by just one atomic power station during its operative life without there being a final repository for it anywhere.

That’s a point the German anti-nuclear activist group Campact is making with demonstrations in 12 cities of the country, which goes to the polls on 27 September.