Autumn Action Day at Faslane Peace Camp 22nd October

With the winter coming Faslane Peace Camp is having a creative day of workshops and action against the Trident missile system based at Faslane.

Hinkley Point blockaders declare victory over EDF Energy

For about nine hours, we blockaded the nuclear power station with up to 400 people. This was the biggest anti nuclear power action in Britain for quite some years. It marked the beginning of a new anti nuclear power movement in this country, and you all made this possible.

Call from France to all UK anti-nuclear Activists

Update: One thing is that the dates have changed and the camp will be on from 22nd of November to 24th of November

3rd October: Blockaders begin mass protest outside Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station

More than 200 people have successfully sealed off the main entrance to Hinkley Point nuclear power station in Somerset.

Convoys of protesters began to arrive at the main gate shortly before 7am. The entrance is just yards away from where EDF Energy is making a bid to build two new mega-reactors.

Get ready for Hinkley blockade - 5th Stop New Nuclear newsletter

Welcome to our fifth Stop New Nuclear newsletter. With little more than two weeks to go, we need to make a last effort to mobilise even more people to the blockade of Hinkley Point on 3 October.

Indian fishermen reject nuclear plant

13 September 2011
RESISTANCE to nuclear power is growing across the world, fuelled by the Japanese disaster and now this week's explosion in France.

Stop New Nuclear. Blockade of Hinkley Point on 3 October 2011


Hinkley Point, near Bridgwater in Somerset, is the first of eight proposed sites for nuclear new build to go ahead. We stopped them here before, and we can do it again. If they fail at Hinkley, it is unlikely the “nuclear renaissance” will have the momentum to continue.

Polish nuclear programme and the protests against it

August 2011
Shortly after the end of 1990 moratorium the Polish pro–nuclear lobby, based around National Atomic Energy Agency (state institution of nuclear safety) and academic institutions involved in development of nuclear technologies, supported by international nuclear lobby has started to work on the new plans of building the nuclear power plants in Poland.

Stop New Nuclear newsletter no 1, July 2011

Welcome to Stop New Nuclear's first newsletter. You receive this newsletter because you have signed one of the pledges, or you signed up to the newsletter. Thank you for this.

We plan to send a newsletter to all pledgers and newsletter subscribers about once a month, and possibly more frequently in the weeks before the blockade. Feel free to share and distribute this newsletter.