As of June 12th this year, the Peace Camp will have been in existence for 30  years. Whilst it is great that there has been such dedication from thousands over the years, the radioactive beast still hasn't been chased from it's lair! A 30 Day campaign of anti-nuclear insubordination, from June 9th to July 9th, has thus been planned.

Hinkley Investor Centrica: Action Alert

Centrica are having their AGM this week on Fri 11th May we want to tell Centrica loud & clear No to new nuclear. To this end we have a bit of armchair activism that everyone can join in with no matter what your time/energy/money commitments are.

Here’s how to stop the Centrica swindle:

Anti-nuclear activists claim double record at Hinkley Point demo

11 March 2012

On the first anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, anti-nuclear campaigners claimed two records in two days. The mass protest at Hinkley Point nuclear power station on Saturday attracted more than 1,000 people from all over the UK – the largest protests against a the construction of a nuclear power station in four decades.

Sizewell Camp 2012

Skill Share, Networking and Protest
Power for the People - Not Profits for the Few

Friday 20th (from 6pm) – Sunday 22nd April

Hinkley Point Barnstormers - Occupiers aim to stop EDF land trash - video and flyer

"This film gives an account of the first few days of the occupation of Langborough Farm on the site of one of the proposed 'new wave' of Nuclear Reactors, at Hinkley point in Somerset. The activists took occupancy in the early hours of Sunday the 12th of February and are settling in to their new home and community."

Hinkley Tree Protesters Evicted

8th Feb -

Protesters occupying trees at Hinkley Point in Somerset were evicted today by police and a 5-man climbing team hired by the French company EDF.   The mature oak woodland is due to be cleared this month so that preliminary work can begin on building 2 new nuclear reactors and a radioactive waste dump at the site.

Earth First! Winter Moot, what to expect

This years Earth First! Winter Moot takes place in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. In a months time environmentalists from across the UK and beyond will converge to discuss and debate. Below is an update from the organising collective who are working on the program.