Camping campaigners in byelaws battle (and a 9th June Aldermaston party invite!)

Aldermaston SOCPA sign1.06.2007
New byelaws for Britain''s nuclear weapons factory - AWE Aldermaston - came into force yesterday. This brief article reflects on the implications for campaigners and challenges being mounted to yet another criminalisation of protest ... and invites women to join the peace camp for a fabulous camp birthday cocktail party on 9 June.

South Gate Block at Faslane

Peace loving folk from the north-east/newcastle visted Faslane Navel base on the clyde on monday, Faslane is home to the Trident nuclear weapons system.The blockaders beleive that trident is a gross pollutant on our planet and our humanity, as well as costing a big heap of cash which profits big arms makers( B.a.e. rolls royce etc...)

International Day of Direct Action Against Climate Change and the G8 - UK events: Haringey... (& Jeff Luers solidarity callout)

G8 2007 climate day flierFriday 8th June 2007
Direct Action for Climate Justice – Resistance is Self Defense!

We all know the terrifying statistics: a million species extinct by 2050, 19 of the 20 hottest years on record since 1980, Greenland and Antarctica melting, droughts, floods, famines … the G8 have had over 30 years to address climate change and only succeeded in providing trillions in subsidies to the very industries that are destroying our planet and our future. And while the G8 continues to line their pockets, island states disappear and hundreds of thousands die as a result of the freak weather conditions caused by their irrational and uncontrollable obsession with never ending economic growth.

Autonomous Environmentalists Bockade RNAD Coulport

Coulport eco blockade 1Coulport eco blockade 2On Thursday, 26th April, a group of autonomous environmentalists shut down RNAD Coulport, the MOD munitions depot where Britain’s nuclear weapons are stored, for a two hour period. The activists used two 15 ft tripods each with a concrete lock-on round one of the tripod legs, to blockade the two roads leading to the main gate of the base. The action was part of the Faslane 365 Environmentalists Block, commemorating the 21st anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, and in protest at the upgrading of Britain’s Trident nuclear system.

removing a lock-on (at Faslane)

Interesting photos for all you budding arm-tube construction artists. Look how tricky it is to remove a multi- and different-layered one, even when you've got all the best kit:
Removing arm-tube 1Removing arm-tube 2Removing arm-tube 3Removing arm-tube 4Removing arm-tube 5

Aldermaston blockade in progress

Aldermaston April blockade 1
Aldermaston April blockade 223.04.2007 A group of activists from Scotland have shut 3 gates at Aldermaston this morning since 6.05am. At Home Office gate two people have been arrested for obstruction of the highway, with one person sitting on top of the gate keeping it shut. At Tadley gate six people have been arrested and are locked-on in the roadway preventing vehicles from leaving or arriving. A third (Construction) gate was also locked shut with a D-lock.

Aldermaston Blockade

Aldermaston Blockade april 0710.04.2007
At least 5 people were arrested while are attempting to block access to the Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment in Berkshire this morning in order to disrupt a multimillion pound development project at the site.

Robin Hood blockades the Base

On Sunday April the 1st, a team of outlaws from Nottingham blockaded the main gate of Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base for 4 hours.

This was just one day of the 365 day blockade of Faslane that was started in October in response to our governments plan to replace Trident despite agreements signed in international law in the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.

Nottingham folk succesfully blockade nuclear submarine base in Scotland


Over 50 people from Nottingham and Derby successfully blockaded the Faslane Nuclear Naval Base In Scotland today. Various blockade groups in intriguing lock-on devices and some plastered together blocked the main entrance to the site. Police started removing people from 8.30 onwards but had problems with removing people from a 6 way lock-on device, which held strong for another 2 hours. The police had to draft in specialist equipment from other forces to deal with the device. 18 people were arrested and have been moved to Paisley. The blockade lasted for over 4 hours. Whilst on the phone to someone at the scene, one could hear a lot of chanting and cheering as one protester managed to shout 'no to nuclear weapons' just before being put in a police van.

Environmentalist bloc at Faslane 365 - 26.04.07


Can you see the connection between more nuclear weapons, more nuclear power stations, war for oil and climate change?
- Or that replacing Trident will mean more dangerous nuclear powered submarines based on the Clyde and more nuclear waste...
- And that nuclear weapons are an environmental disaster and radioactive pollution is caused by their use, testing, waste, accidents or by terrorist attack.
- Or that environmental devastation caused by nuclear weaponry affects people and their environments across boundaries and down the generations…

Then join the environmentalist block at Faslane on Chernobyl Day!

How many cops does it take to police a Tea Party? - Faslane 365

Faslane tea party 1
Faslane tea party 225.03.2007

Fifty people attended a Tea Party outside the gates of the Faslane Nuclear Base in Scotland. Tea was served in china cups and saucers. A table displayed vegan scones, cucumber sandwiches and cakes. Local residents were invited to share tea with activists and discuss how to disarm Britians Trident Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Anti-Trident Protest at Atomic Weapons Establishment - 19th March

Peace flagsAlmost thirty demonstrators braved the chilly early morning weather at the gates of the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Aldermaston, Berkshire - Britain's nuclear bomb factory - to protest against Parliament's decision last Wednesday to renew Trident, and against the construction and development work that has been going on all the while at the site, even before any democratic decision has been made on the future of Britain's nuclear warheads. Particularly noticeable is the work on the Orion laser, which is designed to circumvent the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and facilitate the development and testing of a new generation of nuclear warheads, in contravention of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.