North West England

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North West England

Plane Stupid Activists 'close' travel agents in Bristol, Manchester, Cambridge, Reading & London!


Like other spots around the country, short haul retailers feel the heat (and paint):

Manchester joined Plane Stupid’s call out for a National Day of Action against Short Haul Flights on Sunday night (remember remember the 5th of November).

Day of Action against Short Haul Flights - Locations of Public Events

Plane Stupid is calling for a day of action against short haul flights and short haul operators on November 6th, during the UN International Climate Talks in Nairobi. The day of action is two days after the mass event for climate action in London on November 4th, organised by Stop Climate Chaos and the Campaign Against Climate Change.

Rossport Solidarity Meeting 2nd Nov and Pics from demo 26th Oct

Around 20 people took part in a lunchtime demonstration outside Manchester Business School in solidarity with the people of Rossport, Co Mayo, Ireland. In Ireland, like in Nigeria , South Africa and other places, Shell Oil is using the powers of the state to ride rough shod over the local people's resistance to their destruction of local communities and environments.

Manc halloween critical mass fri 27th 6pm

meet at 4pm at the lost and found social centre to get into fancy dress then meet at 6pm at central library for a spooky ride around manchester.

Rossport Solidarity demo, Manchester Business School, Oct 26th

Picket of Manchester Busines School called for Thursday 26th Oct - 11.30 - 2pm. Calling for the MBS to have Shell removed from their list of sponsors, unless Shell ceases its attempts to destroy the environment in Rossport, Co Mayo, Ireland.

Hummer Dealership shut down by protesters against 4 x 4's in Manchester

Inspired by the camp for climate action, 40 people protested outside a Hummer dealership in Manchester about the environmental impact of SUV emissions which are contributing to climate chaos.

Social Centre Squat in Preston,'Viva Six Fingers'

A few anarchists in Preston have set up a squat which at the moment we are in the middle of repairing.The squat will be used as a social centre but help is required.

The squat is to be called 'Viva Six Fingers' after an old man in the Spanish revolution who defended his home and family from fascist attack, killing several fascists and saveing two of his family befor his cottage was burnt down. We are without electricity and water,although we now have a generator temporarily in place,and have made a lot of progress secureing the place. The cetre was an important part of the local community and we want it to serve that purpose again.It is due to be demolished and turned into luxury flats.

critical mass manchester took the roads!

Over fifty cyclists took to the streets to celebrate the bicycle over car culture. We rode all around the city for over an hour and a half singing bicycle songs, chatting and doing tricks on our bikes..We got loads of cheers of support from both pedestrians and other road users..

Lost and Found social centre Manchester opening this Wednesday!

So we have a beautiful building where lots of us have been busy beavering away to create a beautiful space.

Open from 11th October to 27th October

Opening times: weekdays: 11am-11pm weekends:11am-late

national anti incinerator gathering coming up, 28 October

To bring together anti-incineration groups from all over England and Wales to get inspiration for their own campaigning, hear what some authorities are doing that are trying not to go down the mass burn incineration route and to discuss how the network of groups can best be supported.

Manchester climate camp exhibition opening

Images & experiences from the Camp for Climate Action

Films - music - reports - to ignite & inspire

Friday night (tomorrow) sees the grand opening of the climate camp exhibition.

We'll be showing films, displaying photos, playing music, presenting our experiences of the camp and eating food from 7:30 tomorrow evening, at the Basement, 24 Lever Street, off Piccadilly.

Manchester Critical Mass End of Summer Party

Manc Critical Mass end of summer flier

Critical mass happens every last friday of the month 6pm central library
The next critical mass is on FRIDAY 29TH AT CENTRAL LIBRARY AT 6PM

national climate camp follow-up meeting: evaluate, celebrate & plan 'what next?' - 14/15th October, Manchester

Drax the Destroyer
^Drax the Destroyer

There will be a meeting in Manchester on October 14 and 15 to reflect on how the Climate Camp went, and to talk about what we would like to do next. Everyone is welcome to come. There'll be a celebration, so aim to stick around for Monday if you can. For more information email facilitation[at], subscribe to the announcements list, or see the meeting link above nearer the time.

City harvest workshop at climate camp

A summary of the workshop "City Harvests- eat away at those food miles" at the camp for climate action.

city harvest mindmap

mindmap: some advantages of growing your own food