North West England

North West England

Manchester students occupy roof of Royal Bank of Scotland

Around 35 students held a climate change ‘Eviction Demonstration’ outside (and on top of) a Royal Bank of Scotland branch at the University of Manchester Students Union on Wednesday 11th February 2009.

CLIMATE ACTION NEWS SHEET 85, December/January 2008/2009


1. Camp for Climate Action Gathering, 31.01.09-01.02.09
2. Earth First! Winter Moot, 6-8.02.09
3. Mobilising for the COP, 13-15.03.09
4. Do It Yourself! Course, 22-27.03.09
5. Fossil Fools Day 2009, 01.04.09
6. Coal Caravan, April 2009

Manchester & Heathrow Climate Rush picnics

Northern Climate Rush at Manchester Airport

While 500 protesters occupied the domestic departure lounge at Heathrow airport at 7pm on Monday 12th Jan, others tried a simultaneous occupation at Manchester airport....

Invitation to the Northern Climate Rush - January 12th

On Monday 12th January 2009 at 7pm the Northern Climate Rush will hit Manchester Airport Terminal 3 (Domestic Departures).

Students roll out red carpet for RBS greenwash award show

Students from Manchester People and Planet groups hosted an awards ceremony and awarded the Royal Bank of Scotland with the prestigious "2008 Greenwash Award".

A report from the No Borders network gathering

A report from No Borders gathering in Newcastle

On 9 & 10 November a gathering of No Borders activists was held in Newcastle with groups and individuals from Brighton, Bristol, South Wales, London, Oxford, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow taking part. Altogether, about 50-60 people attended.

Remember remember, action security in November... [update: Observer article withdrawn]

Remember to think about security when planning actions & campaigns, every month - there's been a helpful reminder in a Sunday newspaper that our aims and the aims of the state are somewhat different!

Though the article can be taken to be a police unit safeguarding their ongoing budgets and employment - as has happened in the past with similar scare articles (from the police & the security services) - it's also a handy reminder of the security issues we should think about to ensure that our campaigning remains effective. Check out the background dirt on the journos below...

Manchester Students remember Ken Saro-Wiwa in University Shell protest

Students from the University of Manchester held a memorial protest in remembrance of Nigerian human rights activists who were killed by the Nigerian military in 1995. The protest highlighted the new partnership to research biofuels between the University of Manchester and Shell.


1) RBS, E.ON and Shell university recruitment tours, Oct/Nov 08
2) Climate Camp National Gathering, Bradford, 8/9.11.08
3) Remembering Ken Saro-Wiwa, 10.11.08
4) Shared Planet Conference, Birmingham, 21-23.11.08
5) 48 hours of action against E.On and new coal, 28/29.11.08
6) Buy Nothing Day, 29.11.08

Manchester students flashmob the RBS and E-On Recruitment Stalls + follow-up demo (update)

E.on RBS flashmobE.on stall covered with coalA busy careers fair at Manchester's GMex was intererrupted yesterday by several long whistle blasts. 30 or so protestors suddenly revealed their yellow 'Leave it in the Ground' t-shirts and surrounded the Royal Bank of Scotland stall, holding banners and chanting 'leave it in the ground!'.