Camp Bling (Southend, Essex) Five weeks old!

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Camp Bling entrance

Road protest site into its fifth week. Come down and help out, check out the website.

We are now working hard to consolidate our position on site, to make it as defendable as possible, and to
make it ready for the coming winter.

On Monday afternoon, representatives from both Parklife/Camp Bling and national lobbying body Road
Block met with the Department for Transport (DfT), to state our case once again, and to get the latest
developments on the situation regarding road F5 and the decision making process.

Needless to say we made our position quite clear: That we intend to make Bling one of the largest and most
significant road camps in the country. We also intend to make any eviction of us from the land as expensive
and protracted as possible, to deter any decision in favour of the road.

According to the DfT, it would now seem that any decision to fund the road by central government is not
likely till the new year at the very earliest. We are therefore going to sit it out, and in order to do so
we still need your support to get through the initial winter period.

Things we need (cheeky maybe but necessary), and on a regular basis are:

Financial donations
Building materials/tools
Substantial tarpaulins (canvass/plastic)
Paving slabs
Vegan/vegetarian food.

Additionally, we still need you to get people to:

Check out
Post comments on the 'Bling Blog'(on website)
Write to decision maker Karen Buck (details on website)
Write to your local MP to request a Ministerial response
Write to your local paper's letters column
Visit the camp (details on website)


Camp Bling
1 King's Burial
Priory Crescent
Southend on Sea

To get info check out:
Camp Bling line 1 07817 182 394 /line 2 07739 189 165
Voicemail 01702 340 099
Press line 1 07929 595 761 /line 2 07929 595 766
e-mail: priory_parklife @